How to Maximize Your Revenue By Selling More NFTs in the Bear Market?

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The current market fall started on Jan 3rd, 2022 when the value dropped 20%. The beginning of this bear market has left many NFT projects in uncertainty and even worse – bankruptcy.

However, there are still many NFT projects that are thriving even in current market conditions. They are focusing on one factor that could bring them, buyers and investors, despite the external conditions – exposure.

Exposure is a pivotal factor for an NFT project, as it puts the token collection in front of buyers who are interested in the project. If you are newly launching an NFT or trying to sail through the market with positive returns, here are some strategies for you:

The Role of Exposure in NFT Marketing 

In marketing, exposure can be described as the plan to amplify reach. Exposure is essential to introduce the target audience to the top levels of the buying funnel and maximize revenue.

Exposure also allows brands to leverage brand messages to nurture the leads and convert them into customers. Especially when it comes to NFT marketing  , there have been security concerns recently in the minds of the general audience.

Studies show that about 46% of NFTs are launched without proper smart contract testing. To penetrate this cloud of doubt, brands can highlight the security features of their collection and spread the message to potential audiences by incorporating an exposure strategy.

This methodology leverages several big NFT brands to effectively convert customers even in the bear market.

How Big Brands Are Surviving on the Bear Market?

BAYC And Rolling Stones Partnership

Bored Ape Yacht Club is one of the most successful NFT projects of all time. Their unique art style and excellent marketing campaigns have made them a household name in every NFT collector’s portfolio.

However, even BAYC needs a crisis plan during this critical time. And they decided to partner with Rolling Stones to release two digital NFTs and two tangible art prints. These two exclusive releases attracted the attention of many fans and collectors, allowing BAYC to do successful business.

Doodles And The Genesis Box

The Doodles 2 collection is a set of dynamic portrait NFTs that will be able to change their appearance. The new collection carries rare traits that are customized accordingly to match each NFT character.

To further amplify the reach of this launch, Doodles has decided to introduce the Genesis Box. This box contains apparel and accessories unique to the Doodles 2 NFT collection. The Bucked Auction launched on July 1 with over 6,500 bidders placing their bids.

World Of Women Game Reveal

World Of Women is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that represent the idea of representation and inclusivity.

Recently, they announced a partnership with Game industry giant Hasbro to develop a monopoly-style board game. The game will include artwork from the WoW NFT collection. They have planned to launch the board game as an NFT for promotion – it can be used to redeem the physical game.

Effective Methods To Increase Exposure For your NFTs

Immersive Teasers

Creating an eye-catching teaser for your NFT collection will make you stand out from the crowd. Reports suggest that visual content gets more engagement than text content in marketing campaigns.

More importantly, the attractive teaser is sure to catch the attention of the audience and entice them to discover more details about the project.

Boosted Social Posts

Frequently posting on social media platforms is an effective way to increase exposure for your token collection. You have to make sure that each post carries valuable information, attractive designs, and proper hashtag optimization.

For better reach, well-performing posts can be boosted. A boosted social post will appear in the promoted section of a platform. For instance, a boosted post on Instagram will be shown in the explore section.

Leverage TikTok

TikTok is another great platform to gain exposure for a project. Creating short forms of content on TikTok and sharing them with the audience can keep them informed of the latest happenings.

More importantly, brands have to understand the latest trends to make sure that the videos resonate with their followers. Influencers can be an important asset of TikTok campaigns, as they can create videos based on trending topics and share them with their followers.

Discord For Community

If you have a growing NFT community, they can be used to increase exposure. Brands can share the link with the community to attract Discord members.

Once inside, it is essential to share complete information about your NFT project with the members. This keeps them engaged and gives them a tangible reason to stay inside. Brands can also host various giveaways and contests to boost exposure further.

Doing such activities inside Discord can help yield various results based on where a customer currently resides in the funnel.

Google Ads For the Site

Google Ads campaigns are an effective promotional strategy that drives exposure for an NFT collection. Brands must create a compelling copy for the ad campaign to make sure that the viewers click on the ad. The landing page should be the project’s website, so a professional-looking is more than imperative.

Influencer Promotions

Associating with influencers to promote an NFT project is an extremely effective exposure tactic. Brands can collaborate with big NFT influencers to attract the attention and trust of audiences from different platforms. Essentially, the influencer can become the ambassador of the NFT collection over time by communicating the vision of the project to the target audience.

Summing Up

While at the Nft marketing agency, exposure should be the primary focus to thrive in the bear market.

Brands can get a loyal following of NFT buyers and investors even in challenging times by generating exposure with various marketing strategies. It is imperative to be functional with these strategies to ensure reaching more audience demographics.

Investing effort and time in improving exposure for a project will have a significant impact on the revenue generation and success of an NFT collection.