How To Master Law Of Attraction Manifestation Medication

master law of attraction

If you have started believing in the law of attraction, you would know how important and relaxing meditation is. It is one of the powerful ways which make you positive and relaxed. Other than this, when you talk to people who have been a part of manifestation or law of attraction for a long time, they’ll tell you how beneficial meditation for manifestation is.

Other than this, there are a lot of books available in the market which explain the full process to meditate but most people get confused and fail to follow. So, to help you with the process, we have come up with this guide. Here’s how you perform manifestation meditation.

Does Meditation Work

Most people are aware of what the law of attraction is and what meditation is. But, not everyone is sure if both things work together or not. In our opinion, it does work together.

When you are feeling positive, more confident, the energies around you are also positive. So, you attract better things towards you.

Other than this, when you are sad or negative, the energies and vibrations around you become negative as well.

We agree that life events also change the vibrations, but, most of this is in your control. Manifestation is a great way you can raise the vibrations and also, meditation makes you visualise what you want in life and gives you a clear picture of the same.

Steps to do Law of Attraction Meditation

If you are a beginner at meditation for manifestation, here we have explained the full meditation process for you. Make sure to keep 15 days of your day aside and then perform meditation for peace. So, without any delay, check out the complete law of attraction meditation.

Start with Relaxing

The very first step in meditation is to find a quiet and comfortable place for you. Try out different new positions to check which one is relaxing for you. Some people may want to sit on a chair, keeping their palms on their lap. But, if some other position for you, go for it.

Begin Focusing

So, now you are comfortable with how you are sitting. Now,  start focusing on your breath. Start breathing through the nose and let it out through your mouth. Take deep breathes. Even if you are distracted once or twice, it’s okay. Do not worry and start focusing again on your breaths.

Talk to Your Heart

Think about that one thing that makes you feel good. Repeat something that makes you happy. No matter what you say to yourself, it should make you calm and more positive towards yourself and your life.

Visualize Your Dreams

Imagine what you want and how it will look. Utilize all your senses and picture the things that you want. For instance, if you want a car, think about the scene after getting it. Think you have bought it and you are driving it.

Embrace What You Have in Life

Think about what you have achieved in your life and be grateful for this. Ask yourself what makes you the happiest. Be grateful for the things that you have. The more you’ll be grateful, the better things that you will get.


The last thing on meditation for the manifestation process is to manifest the things that you want in your life. It simply means to think that you have already gotten what you wanted.

Winding Up

So,  this is how you perform meditation for manifestation. Follow this full process explained in the article and start meditating if you want to be more positive towards your life. We hope that it helps.

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