Make Extra Money By Learning To Code


Bill Gates wrote his first computer learning code when he was 13 years old. Forward about four decades in the future, and this venture is responsible for making him one of the wealthiest people globally.

The challenge for people who want to make extra money coding is that it’s a relatively new career field. However, it’s good to remember the life experience of Bill gates during this journey. Fortunately, we look at ways you can make extra money by learning to learning code.

It’s an excellent way to earn income and expand your skills at the same time:

Make Apps

Many people underestimate the amount of skill required to develop an app. Nowadays, you don’t need lots of technical programming skills thanks to the availability of preprogrammed software. These include PhoneGap or even Appcelerator.

These are powerful and automated coding apps that you can use to prepare apps in minutes. If you are a novice at coding, tools such as Objective-C and Swift should be helpful for your needs. Remember to do your research before starting to make mobile apps.

Learn more about marketable mobile app ideas, and choose a niche that you are passionate about. Doing this will make it easy to make an app that delivers the best value for users. Making solutions that resonate with users will increase the likelihood of making money fast.

When making an app, remember these benefits for users:

  • It should be easy to use and scalable for coding applications.
  • The app should be bug-free and tested extensively.
  • The app description should contain relevant information.
  • The ideal app gets occasional updates to improve the user experience.

Work for Companies Or Firms in Your Area

Usually, start-ups and businesses often need professional-level programmers to work on their new projects. However, small businesses often require essential solutions such as websites and mobile applications. Most of them also don’t have large budgets, but they are lenient when choosing staff members.

While these gigs are not lucrative, they are an excellent way to make extra money and improve your skill base. A few aspects when choosing a local company with programming needs include:

  • The nature of work required and payments offered.
  • The reviews or information you get from other staff members.
  • The vision and mission of your chosen company.

Try Making Tutorials

For every programmer who has “mastered the art,” there are probably five other people there who would use your help. Making tutorials is an excellent way to sell your skill and give back positively to the programming community.

You have many options for running tutorials, and you don’t have to stand in front of a camera if you are shy. The alternative option to tutorials would be to record your screen as you work on some projects and include a clear voice-over.

Then, get a good video editor to help you complete the production process correctly and with the correct details. The other option is to sell your programs through a website. You need basic skills in WordPress to set up a site and integrate it with your video content.

The best suggestion for you would be to start teaching programming. Aside from giving value to other students, you will also learn many useful concepts, which will improve your skill level.

Work as a Freelancer

The best way to make extra money as you code would be to start through freelancing gigs. However, while this seems straightforward, clients often have high expectations, especially if they have large budgets.

If you want to develop your career as a freelancer, the options are many. You can start with platforms such as Upwork and Craigslist. However, realize that the competition is immense on such platforms, and you have to build your profile slowly.

A few things to help build your profile include:

  • Use your legitimate personal details, regardless of your location.
  • Work on your profile thoroughly and input samples of your previous works.
  • Learn how to bid on the right projects.

You have many options if you want to learning code and make money extra money at the same time. Being well informed is the best place to start and develop a passion for coding in general. Have the right mindset, and the suggestions above will reduce your path to mastery significantly.

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