Luxury meets grace – Embodies your style with ultimate graceful outfits!

luxury meets grace

When we think of a graceful woman a vision of impeccable elegance appears in our minds. A lady who dresses gracefully is someone who is practiced in poise along with a tasteful fashion sense.

One does not strictly have to indulge in expensive clothes to appear fashionable. The important factor is being aware of exactly which styles and cuts to choose for accentuating your natural beauty. With the right selection your attire will automatically appear posh and graceful. While even the most expensive of outfits will fail to give the desired effect if ill suited.

A guide for graceful dressing will be incomplete without the mention of Audrey Hepburn. She is easily the indomitable queen of grace and beauty to this day. To quote her here “elegance is the only beauty that never fades”. And that is one undeniable fact. Following a graceful style ensures that your appearance remains timeless. You will possess a wardrobe with selective pieces which are an investment because they will never fall out of fashion.

The most elegant women to ever exist like Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly, and Jackie Kennedy are still emulated years later. The reason? Their classic choice of clothing which made them an inspiration for fashion icons globally.  Trends are temporary but a classy style never fades away. You can look put together and graceful if you know exactly what to wear. And we are here to help you with that. No matter the time, occasion, or season, you will appear at the epitome of grace with our guidelines.

1. Classic styling always remains in trend

Knee-length skirts, tailored button downs, and flowy pants are all examples of classic clothes. No matter what the reigning trends are these never go out of fashion. They are categorized as classic for a reason. A piece like that which you invest in now will still be wearable ten years later.

Therefore, choose wisely. A statement clothing item might appear attractive right now. But soon enough it will turn into dead weight for your closet once the hype for it dies down. Go for quality instead of quantity when creating a graceful wardrobe. Luxurious fabrics are better than going for the flashy options.

2. Choose the right fabric

Timeless clothing pieces are made from materials which are likely to last you a decade. And that is what you should be adding to your wardrobe. Wool, silk, cotton, and linen are excellent examples of luxurious quality fabrics. All it takes is cleaning and pressing for them to appear fresh and put together.

You can also go for variations of these materials for expanding your options. Denim for example caters to all kinds of fashion genres from street to minimalist to boho. On the other hand, street style can be followed more boldly through a Men’s pea coat slim fit, or leather pants and blazers. For feminine and extremely comfortable pieces, cashmere is the best choice. It feels wonderful against your skin and comes in a variety of styles like crewnecks, cardigans, and V-necks.

3. Wear solid neutral tones

Bold prints and patterns can definitely be carried out as classy and sophisticated. But they might catch you outside your comfort zone if you are new at this manner of fashion. In this case, neutrals will be your perfect friends. Solid tones can be found easily in stores or even your own wardrobe. They are convenient to combine with any color and expand your closet.

The typical color choices you would be going for are navy blue, gray, black, white, cream, and beige. This does not mean that you have to wear these color schemes top to bottom. Create monochromatic outfit from the recommended shades which gives you space to experiment and discover your personal style. The looks can also be accentuated by a paisley scarf, alligator belt, or bright red pumps. These small touches will bring a pop of color and play of texture to your dress.

4. The right fit matters

The exact fit is top priority when you wish to go classy. Not too tight but not too baggy either. Your outfit should be tailored to your size and form fitting, yet not so much that it borders on scandalous.

Skirts must end just above the knee or below it, and the same rule applies for dresses. Classy trousers can be faintly wide, slightly bootcut, straight, or alike to men’s pants. Their length should also be precise and end half inch off the floor.

Wide legged or skinny pants which are tailored in quality fabrics are also good choices. While blazers, tan bomber jackets women’s, sweaters, or blouses must fit snugly around your waist to enhance your figure.

5. Avoid overexposing

If you aim to dress classy then some modesty is required. Stay away from miniskirts, low necklines, or crop tops. The best necklines for this style are V-neck, crew, boatneck, or collared.

You can also opt for scoop, cowl, and square necks depending on the clothing. Formal events allow for dresses with sweetheart, halter, asymmetrical neck. Regardless of the style, your cleavage and midriff should be covered. Keep in mind that it is possible to look sexy and stylish without showing a lot of skin.

6. Know what suits your body

Following a graceful fashion sense does not refer to imitating outfits without thinking. The clothes you choose for yourself must suit your personality as well as your body. It is impossible to appear elegant if you are not feeling confident about what you are wearing.

Examine yourself to understand what works for your body type. Stand in front of a mirror and observe yourself. Note which features are the most prominent and which need to be emphasized further. Once you are aware of that then you can choose clothes better suited for you.

7. Sift through your wardrobe

Sorting through your existing wardrobe is essential if you are shifting to an entirely new fashion genre. All of us have items in our closet which we rarely or never wear.

As creatures of habit, we lean towards clothes that make us feel in our comfort zone and stick to them. Repeating outfits is natural and not a bad thing. However, you must rid your closet of clothes which will never see the light of day. And instead, have a few basic yet valued items from which you can construct various looks. 

Go through your current collection and sort it into three categories. First, of things you regularly wear and do not want to part with. Second, of pieces which you are unlikely to ever wear. And the last one should consist of items which you are undecided about. Now the last pile is the one you need to work with.

Try them all on and ask yourself a few questions. Is it a color which is suitable for your classy new sense of style? Does it fit you according to the rules mentioned above? Do you genuinely like the piece? Is it giving you the appearance which you desire to achieve? If all the responses fall in assent, then add them to your “yes” pile. Otherwise, it is time to bid these pieces farewell, and replace them with better ones.


The way you dress is a form of expression and an extension of your personality. These tips and guidelines will help you along. But that does not mean that you should not experiment on your own. Explore and create combination using our recommendations to find what reflects you. This way you will appear unique, bold, and yes impeccably graceful.

Do not fear of making mistakes. Remember that as long you hold your head high and walk with pride you can carry any look. You only have to bring out the classy woman that already exists deep inside you and show her to the world.

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