How to link epic games to twitch

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Twitch is one of the popular platforms where you can showcase your passion and favorites. It is not just about showing. By linking epic games to twitch you can also gain extra points, tools, banners, or sprays just by showing up. For example – you can gain loot drops by linking Fortnight to Twitch. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? So, now you must be wondering How to link epic games to Twitch and we are here to tell you how and make it easier. 

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How to link epic games to twitch?

At first, you have to log in to Epic Games account connection to get started with the process. If you don’t have an account, sign up for the site. 

How to create an account on Epic games?

First head to www.epicgames . com, right then you will see a page and at the upper-right side, there will appear a profile bar. Click on this logo. 

Then simply click on Create account and follow the steps as suggested there accordingly. 

Are you done opening an account? If so then follow the next steps.

Linking epic games to Twitch

Now, go and click on the Username at the top-right corner, then go ahead and click Account. After that, a page with the General setting on the top will appear. You have to go to the left bar where you’ll find a bunch of options. Select the option named “Connections”. 

Then what will it do is bringing up all the apps and kinds of stuff which are connected to your Account and obviously there would be no third-party application if you just have made an Account. 

So, there will appear two options- Apps and Account; click on Account. Here you will see a variety of applications you can go ahead with and connect to your favorite epic games. Thereupon, go ahead now and find the one you want, and obviously, here you will look for the Twitch account. 

Next, head to the Twitch bar and select the Connect button in blue. Once you have clicked on Connect it will redirect you as you are signed in. So, go ahead and click on Link Account. Then you will see that it is going to redirect you to a separate little window. All you have to do is to select the “Authorize” If you are logged in to your Twitch Account on the same device and browser.

Note:  In case you are not logged in to your Twitch account, you will have to log in with the same browser and device first. 

As soon as you click Authorized, it will link your Twitch Account Now go back to home and see that your Twitch account is linked with your username.

Final Words:

Linking Epic games to twitch is actually beneficial; it can easily claim reward items on the stream you select. So, it is safe to say that it’s pretty simple! Just follow the above steps and get going with rewards and a new adventure. We hope you have enjoyed reading as well as learning How to link epic games to Twitch.

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