6 Latest Trends in Trade Show Exhibit System

Exhibit System

Trade show exhibit design is always evolving. Trends can frequently change, so what was popular a few years ago might not attract the most attention this year. If you’re looking to make a splash at your next marketing event, consider incorporating one or more of these trends into your booth design

Choosing a display that’s sleek and modern, displaying large interactive screens and using green practices are all ways to bring people to your booth, no matter what you’re selling or what industry you’re in.

1. Sleek and Modern Trade Show Booth

The homey look could work for certain companies — that is if you have a business selling something with a reputation for being ‘just like Grandma used to make.’ However, if you’re looking to attract people to your booth to see the latest and greatest innovations in your industry, you need a display that reflects this modern style. 

Choose an event booth set up featuring modern colors and elements such as special lighting. Additionally, contemporary shapes, such as overhead rings and sharp angles, can also help attract attention to your booth.

2. Don’t Forget About Screen Time

Although many people try to limit their screen time, the truth is that screens can be a great way to help attract attention to your booth. 

Video monitors are the ideal complement to an event booth design that’s sleek and modern, so if you’re planning on including them in your designs, it’s vital that they be of high quality — after all, no one wants to stand and watch a video on an out of focus monitor. 

Movie making software has made it easier than ever to create a high-quality promotional video, but don’t stop there. If you have the money in your budget, consider hiring a professional to create an interactive video that will have your attendees learning more about your company and your products or services.

3. Use Green Practices 

Lastly, go green! Green building practices are highly popular in exhibits. Consider using LED lighting that can reduce your electric consumption and sustainable bamboo flooring in your display. 

Other ways you can go green is to use eco-friendly inks and recycled papers to print your promotional materials or even forgot the promotional materials all together by including a QR code that can be scanned with a Smartphone or tablet computer.

These QR codes can instantly direct attendees to your website where they can download your promotional materials or learn more about your business.

Using green building practices, including interactive video monitors, and designing a display that’s sleek and modern are the top trends in trade show exhibit design that you can include the next time you attend a marketing event. 

4. Interactive Displays Engage Visitors

It’s relatively easy to lure attendees into your booth area, but keeping them there long enough to make a real connection and turning them into solid leads or new customers takes a bit more work. 

It can be difficult to engage every single visitor individually, particularly during high traffic periods between sessions. If you install interactive booth design utilizing laptops, tablets, and other electronic tools, however, you have the means to capture their interest and keep it until you have the chance to make a one-to-one connection. 

Using videos is also a great way to demonstrate an oversized product or service that would otherwise be impractical to use in a limited space. You can use sound and motion to give viewers a real-time demonstration that is much more effective than a simple brochure.

5. Inflatable Displays Minimize Costs 

Air-filled exhibits are the awesome trade show ideas that are quickly becoming popular with businesses of all sizes because they are versatile, easy to assemble and disassemble, and inexpensive to pack store, and transport. 

These booth elements are crafted of durable, strong fabrics stretched over a lightweight, inflatable frame that folds flat and can be stored in a minimal amount of space inside a customized carrying case that also stores the air hose that is used to inflate the framework in just minutes. 

Because it’s lightweight and doesn’t have a rigid or heavy metal frame, storage requirements between shows are minimized, and shipping costs are low. 

6. Natural Materials

Each year more exhibitors opt to use natural materials such as sustainable woods, bamboo, and natural fabrics such as silk and cotton for certain features of their trade show exhibits. 

These elements are both attractive and eco-friendly, appealing to a growing cross-section of business owners who are increasingly eco-conscious while still looking for comfortable, attractive elements for everything from trade show flooring to display tables. 

Inlaid wood or bamboo floors not only look great, but they also cushion footsteps and offer respite to weary attendees. They also give your area a welcome touch of warmth in venues that can otherwise seem too sterile, industrial or impersonal.

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