Laser Facelift: Your Complete Guide

Laser Facelift

We offer you everything related to laser facial cosmetology in terms of benefits, harms, and safe use. Follow the details.

All women are always looking for beauty with their own style, so face plastic surgery is the most important thing that concerns any female, to get a beautiful face that is taut, full of vitality and youth.

This process has many different techniques in its implementation, results and even the duration it takes, and we will try to discuss these techniques and the problems deeply.

What is laser facial plastic surgery?

It is the use of focused beams of light in the form of pulses (lasers) to improve wrinkles, lines and change in skin color such as freckles, melasma and laser skin resurfacing.

Types of lasers used in facelift

There are two types of this technique:

1- Fractional CO2 Laser

It is used to treat skin scars, and it is also used to treat dark circles and skin pigmentation associated with aging.

2- Non-Ablative Fractional Laser

It does not mainly affect the outer layer of the skin, which is the epidermis, but rather the inner layer of the dermis, which contains collagen, which stimulates this important substance.

Defects addressed by facelift

Laser treats many defects and problems that the face suffers from:

  • Deep wrinkles under the eyes, along the nose, and even out into the mouth.
  • Sagging skin on the face and neck.
  • Freckles and freckles, it works to unify the skin color.
  • Scars or old wounds.
  • Remove pigments from the face.
  • Categories involved in laser skin treatment

The most important candidate groups for this operation:

  • Aged people who are suffering from the appearance of facial wrinkles and want to get rid of them immediately.
  • Teens suffering from pimples caused by acne or spots caused by smallpox in their 20’s.
  • People suffer from damage to the skin due to exposure to sunlight, which results in the appearance of spots.
  • Suffering from skin discoloration and collagen deficiency.
  • Laser facelift steps

Here are the most important steps for conducting the process in detail:

The steps of a facial laser session begin with cleaning and drying the skin well.

  • Most of the time the doctor does not use a numbing cream unless the person requests it, as the laser beam may cause some pain, but it is painful.
  • Markers are drawn on the face to precisely define the target areas that the laser device will be passed over.
  • The operation takes about half an hour, and the entire face treatment takes up to two hours.
  • Before the doctor starts using the laser device, a person must wear glasses that are designed to prevent radiation.
  • The doctor uses a laser device to make successive pulses to a specific area of ​​the face, then the device is passed to the next area to be tightened.
  • After completing all the required areas, cold compresses can be applied to the face to reduce pain and redness.

The advantages of laser facelift face plastic surgery according to plastic surgeon.

Among the main advantages of this process are:

  • Laser treatment often delivers the desired results quickly.
  • There is no pain during the laser treatment.
  • Regarding the treatment sessions, they do not require much time.
  • The recovery period after the session does not require much time, as the skin usually returns to normal within a week or two.
  • The risks of laser facelift

There are complications that may arise after this operation:

  • Burns or other injuries from the heat of the laser.
  • The appearance of scars on the skin.
  • Changes in skin color or dark or light spots.
  • Reactivation of sores and blisters.
  • General Instructions

Things you need to know before the operation:

  • You must stop using any cosmetic products, including creams and lotions, at least 24 hours before undergoing the laser procedure.
  • You will have to undergo a lot of laboratory tests and this is normal. The purpose of these checks is to make sure you are ready to undergo this medical procedure.
  • You are not able to undergo LASIK if you are pregnant women exercises or if you are breastfeeding.
  • Stay away from all strong soaps that contain chemicals, and the best cleanser in this case is one that contains natural ingredients.
  • Not to peel the skin for 3 days after the laser session to relieve sensitivity and irritation, especially in the first week.
  • Moisturizing the skin gently, choose moisturizing creams that are gentle on the skin, made of natural materials and free of perfume.

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