Why Choose Laravel as PHP Framework for Web Development in 2024?

laravel framework

Web applications along with mobile apps are surging at a great speed. Not just in the mobile industry. Recent years have shown that entrepreneurs have chosen web apps to reach audiences. So, it becomes necessary to choose the best web frameworks. And Laravel the best PHP framework for web development can help you. Want to know how? Let’s dive in.

Why choose Laravel over other languages?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework for web development with advanced features. This framework offered tough competition to other web frameworks in the market. Developers choose this for its unique tools, APIs, and scalable integrations. The exclusive features include CLI with Artisan Support and migrations.

Although the latest version came up with so many other features that developers loved. So, the Laravel framework won the popularity of the majority of users to support web projects. Ultimately, top-notch firms select Laravel as their priority choice.

Best features of Laravel as PHP framework for web development

Here are some of the useful features offered by Laravel.

Concept of OOP

You may heard how many frameworks stand strong on the MVC architecture. And it’s the same for the Laravel framework. The Model, View, and Controller architecture is the most praiseworthy feature. As it shows updates on the changes in real time on the top layer. Plus, the OOP approach presents a sense of security to the structure. 

Supporting packaging system

The packaging system in Laravel development works with multiple support libraries. Especially to automate web projects and ease the workflow. So, it becomes the best PHP framework for web development with smart possibilities. Plus, it uses the dependency manager to use information to maintain packages.

As we know packages are a great way to elevate the development process. It also offers functionalities that can enhance the user experience. Such as Laravel, Debug, Image, and Laravel IDE are some best packages to use.

Multiple file system

Apart from the package system, Laravel also has a built-in cloud storage system. Such as Amazon S3 and Rack Space Cloud Storage. een you can use it for local storage too. The extensive APIs offer an excellent way to switch between the storage options available. Plus, you can also use multiple applications in just one to serve multiple locations. So, it enhances the experience of a distributed environment.

Built-in authentication system

Along with the OOP and MVC concepts Laravel also presents a great security method. It has an out-of-the-box concept to authenticate your system. So, all you need is an expert with technical knowledge. And they will insert the Artisan command to secure your application completely. You can also get a laravel development agency for more assistance.

Exclsive Artisan Console

As mentioned above, Artisan Console has offered multiple benefits in one go. Laravel’s CLI has offered it all to the developers. Such as publishing package sets, managing databases, generating code, migrations, seeding, etc. So, with all these extensive benefits it became the developer’s best choice. This framework for PHP development helps developers to create code structures. Even they extend the functionalities of Artisan to implement new custom commands.

Smart task scheduling

You must have noticed Laravel 5.0 version came with the idea of Schduler with Artisan. So, that programmatic flow is maintained by scheduling the tasks periodically. Also, the Scheduler depends on Cron Daemon to run one task at a time. So, travel as the PHP framework for web development is the best choice. And helps the Artisan t run only the configured tasks.

Blade template engine

Along with these features, Laavel also offers a built-in template engine. Also named as Blade Template Engine. It combines multiple templates with a data model to produce the desired view. Somehow, sounds like the MC architecture. In this, the templates transpire in cache PHP code to improve performance. Blade also has a set of control structures, statements, and loops. And these all are mapped to the PHP internally for a quick backup.

Extensive Eloquent ORM

Laravel as the PHP framework for web development offers a great implementation of ORM. And for that, it presents built-in Eloquent ORM. And it has the best Object Relational Mapper with great competition to its other counterparts. This object relation mapping helps to interact with database objects easily. And uses the expressive syntax to enhance database relationships.

Exclusive testing frameworks

Last, but not least. Laravel development has the best testing frameworks for your projects. t presents the default unit testing tools. Also, it has regression tests to test the ebbs of the application. Laravel offers a seamless integration of PHP units to test. Plus, you get the facility to run through the Artisan command line utility along with unit tests. Conclusion: PHP has been the widely used web project support. And to choose Laravel as your PHP framework has its perks. So, we have mentioned some of them for you. For more consideration, consult a laravel development company for your projects.