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Pentagram scientific equipment trading LLC is a company that has based its headquarters in Dubai. Their expertise in the supply of laboratory products, instruments, and consumables for the analytical and scientific industry. Supported by skilled and knowledgeable services. A team that is providing its clients with a unique level of support for any of their purchases of any equipment. The company supplies Koehler Instruments for petroleum and petrochemical testing.

This facility in Dubai houses laboratory tools recognized by manufacturers around the world. Pentagram has made sure that there are ready supplies. For various testing equipment, and suppliers of various experiments. This is after understanding how these experiments are important. 

Pentagram aims to provide the highest level of customer service. With a choice of quality products, and excellent maintenance. They ensure proper backup from their service department.

Instruments Inc USA

One of the select few distributors in the UAE with a wide range of equipment is Koehler instruments Inc USA. They have had a presence since 1925, and offer instruments that do research and testing in labs. The company has proven to be the leading supplier and producer of petroleum, grease, and lubricant testers. They offer all testing equipment and commit to providing full-time support to clients. Since 2013, Pentagram scientific equipment trading has been supplying their Laboratory equipment. They have been able to gather a large number of clients who are in the Lubricant Oil Industry in the UAE and abroad. This has been so with a diligent number of staff to complete and professional services for the clients.

M/s Koehler Instruments Inc USA, petroleum offers oil and grease testing equipment and a full line of testing equipment. Committed to providing full support for laboratory testing needs as per ASTM, ISO, and IP standards. These products conform to all related international specifications. Koehler has many satisfied customers worldwide and continues to build new relationships. The goal is to be among the best and most dependable companies in the marketplace and industry. 

The Koehler Instruments Company has a full line of instruments for testing biofuels, fuels, lubes, and greases. They have an extensive selection of tribology or wear testing instruments. A variety of items to choose from! Yet, they provide quality testing instrumentation and technical support services for research. With their testing laboratories which have been their specialty since 1925. 

The value is creating an understanding of business challenges. Utilizing technical resources and expertise to improve systems. Products to deliver the desired outcome. Having the most dependable instruments available in the marketplace. Koehler’s new products include the automated air release value analyzer. 

Koehler Instrument Items

The corrosion tester tackiness tester, and the Automatic cloud and Pour Point Analyzer. With many more pieces of equipment in store. For example, the automated air release value analyzer is a used instrument. Used to determine the ability of a turbine, hydraulic or lubricating oil to separate entranced air.  

The Koehler catalog includes a large number of instruments, as well as supplies for calibration services and reference fluids. Koehler offers many ASTM reference fluids used to calibrate the instruments. The Koehler instrument penetrometer formed for ATSM penetration tests on petroleum products. Used for the regularity results in the tests of the products. It is a precision-machined and rugged constructed machine. Which ensures a long service life in both the laboratory and field application. This machine is full of penetration range that accommodates cones and needles to perform all the ATSM tests on lubrication tests. 

Koehler Instruments Inc USA, the primary focus for their business is to be able to meet each client’s testing requirements and needs.