Kick Start Your On-Demand Security Guard App Using GRID Clone

GRID clone

For their operations, the majority of businesses and diverse industries demand highly qualified, intellectually and physically security guards. They require personal assistants, such as security guards, to watch after their variables and utensils, allowing corporations to spare the majority of their productive time. Security has grown more important to protect homes, apartments, offices, shops, parks, and other structures. It’s not simple to locate security guards who are both responsible and trustworthy.

Many security agencies are in operation, deploying security personnel to meet the needs of individuals and organizations. Even security agencies are looking for technological alternatives to improve their security. Finding a responsible security guard is still regarded as a challenging assignment. This has become simple with an on-demand security guard app that will assist organizations and corporations — with this launching your On-Demand Security Guard App, you will be able to make a lot of money and completely live up to your business’s potential. 

GRID Clone, On-demand security guard app delivers security guards who have been vetted for trustworthiness, alertness, and physical aptitude.

Significant Features Of On-Demand Security Guard App

  • Profile management
  • Job posting
  • Search for the security agency/contractor
  • Live chat
  • Hire the security guard 
  • Pay online
  • Live tracking
  • Rating and reviews

How GRID Clone On-Demand Security App Works?

In the on-demand security app, there are 2 panels: one for the user and one for the security person/agency. To use the GRID Clone security on-demand guard app, you’ll need to take the following steps:

Step 1: In the user app, the user must register with all of their information, including their name, address, and geographical position.

Step 2: The customer must now choose the sort of security guard he need, as well as the time slot for guarding the premises, which might be an office, a house, an apartment, or an organization.

Step 3: Based on the selected need, a list of available security guards will emerge.

Step 4: The user can now review the information about the available security guards displayed on the screen. If the requirements and specifics meet your needs, you can submit your request to the person/agency of your choice.

Step 5: The security agency or individual has the option of accepting or rejecting the request. If the security agency accepts the request, the security officer will be dispatched according to the time slot provided.

Step 6: Once the security agency or individual accepts, the app will prompt the user to pay through a payment gateway provider.

Revenue Generation Source In On-Demand Grid Clone App

  • A subscription model – where security guard services can be used on a monthly or annual basis with well specified terms and conditions in a contract.
  • Paid advertisements – can be placed on the app to aggressively promote security guard services and generate greater attention from users who click on the ads.
  • Commission costs – For listing and managing their profile on the platform, security guards may be charged a set price.

Launch Your GRID Clone Security App With eSiteWorld

Build a flawless app solution first, whether you’re a security firm or an entrepreneur that wants to create a security start-up. You can collaborate with us to use our On-Demand Security Guard Booking App similar to GRID to make your business more productive. 

The GRID Clone App by a professional App Development Company like eSiteWorld includes all of the necessary functionality. Everything is taken care of Customizations, design changes, feature additions can be done by our team. Little time is spent on app and more time on core business activity when you join with us.

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