How to Keep Your Things Organized While Travelling

Staying organized while travelling is such a challenge. We check into a hotel, unpack our stuff and after some time, some of our belongings get easily misplaced since it is a new place and not familiar just like our home. 

Leaving some things behind is really common when you check out of the hotel. You might leave some small items in the drawers, under the pillows, in the bathroom, or anywhere that is not that easily noticed in plain sight. If staying organized while travelling is a problem for you, here are some tips that could surely help you during your travel.

Live By the Suitcase

keep things organized

This is one of the basic things you should remember when travelling – never unpack everything upon arriving at the hotel. You’ll only stay there for a few days so there’s no need to unpack everything and arrange your things in the room. Unpack only the toiletries and leave the rest of the items in your bag. That way, it would be easy to pack up when it’s time to go.

Have a Separate Container for Laundry

If you’re only out for a short trip, just collect your dirty clothes and wash them when you get home. Have a separate bag or contained for your laundry so it doesn’t mix with your clean clothes. It could be a small bag or packing cubes, as long as you can pack them separate from other clothes. 

Clean the Room Regularly

The rubbish in your hotel room can easily add to the clutter and make your space look disorganized. Be sure to clean all the rubbish in your room every day so they don’t get mixed in with your stuff and won’t add to your luggage weight.

Store Valuables in One Spot

Valuables such as your wallet, phone, keys, passport, and other essentials could easily get misplaced while you’re travelling. Upon settling in the hotel room, designate a secure place where you would keep all your valuables so it would be easy to find them all when needed. It could be a drawer or even a compartment in your suitcase. 

Shop for Essentials Early On

When you’re going out the next day, it is best to shop for all the things that you might need the night before. Shop for bottled water, some snacks, and any other things that you’ll need for the next day. That way, you could easily go to your trip the following day without having to wake up a lot earlier just to prepare your stuff. 

Store Gifts in One Bag and Label Each

Buying souvenirs during our trip to bring back to our friends and loved ones when we get home is a really sweet gesture. Keep everything organized by placing all your gifts in one bag and label each item on whom you’re planning to give it. It would be easier to give it out once you arrive plus you also get to know the ones who have no gift yet and be able to shop for everyone. 

Try out these tips on your next trip and you’ll definitely have a stress-free vacation since everything is a lot more organized than before.