Some Acceptable Men’s Jewelry Pieces for a Modern Man

Jewelry Pieces

Should I wear jewelry or not? If you are also someone who ponders this, then you must know that without a doubt, the answer is a yes! Gone are the days when men had to be cautious to wear jewelry in public gatherings. Jewelry is a form of self-expression and can make men look sophisticated and equally stylish.

Take a look at some of the jewelry pieces that any modern man must own.


Necklaces are something that most men shy away from wearing. If the necklaces are too dainty, then they come across as being feminine and too chunky.’

To wear and flaunt them the right way, try a mid-weight chain with a small pendant.  Star Wars Necklace is much in trend these days. It will add interest to your overall outfit and make you the talk of the town.


Rings are something you can find many men wearing, and it has always been a staple in men’s jewelry. In fact, rings are a must-have in a man’s jewelry arsenal, and you can even experiment a little.

A plain band of gold, silver, or platinum makes an excellent choice for men, and you can even opt for a signet ring. You can even get names and initials engraved to add more significance for the wearer.

The best advice is any way to keep it simple and timeless. A simple sterling silver ring is a timeless piece and won’t ever go out of trend.


Think of yourself to be a stylish gentleman? Well, if you are one, then if you can wear a wristwatch, you can certainly carry a nice men’s bracelet well.

It is something that you should wear on your stronger or working hand. Moreover, the best part remains that a men’s bracelet is ideal to be worn to informal and formal places, considering it is not that flashy. A nice pair of shirt or T-shirt with your favorite denim, your bracelets & boots,  and you’re good to go.


Men wearing earrings is completely their choice, and they can wear it in the left ear, right one, or even in both. Wearing an earring can make you look different from the crowd. Guys can wear it the way they want and even choose from the wide range available for them. Also, men do not need to get their ears pierced as there are clip-on hoop earrings available for them. For instance, if you are a Star Wars fan, you can get your hands on the Star Wars Jewelry and explore Star Wars Earrings for men.

Cuff Links

Formal occasions call for a cufflink, and they are amongst the minimalist men’s jewelry pieces and can go unnoticed by many. Though cuff links can be made with various metals, you can even opt for pearls or diamonds as per your choice.

If you’re a beginner, you can plan to keep it simple with a monogrammed pair. Cuff links look exceptionally good on wedding occasions.


Watches are classic and timeless pieces of men’s jewelry and a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. Many men prefer wearing watches passed to them for generations and have sentiments attached to them. The rest can consider buying new watches with their color, materials, dials, and band preferences.

Final Words

Always remember, when in doubt, to keep it simple. Once you are comfortable flashing these acceptable jewelry pieces, you can experiment with the new ones. You can explore the exotic range of contemporary men’s accessories and jewelry pieces at Mister SFC – a one-stop shop for a wide range of quality and affordable men’s jewelry.

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