Reasons iOS is more secure than Android

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Well, it’s always a point of discussion in which the operating system is much more secure, whether it’s iOS or Android. Both have a lot of users who keep supporting the system.

Undeniably, most of the users might not think about security while purchasing any smartphone. They are much more focused on the features, design, price, and some of the other factors. However, the privacy standard of the system should not be ignored when you are spending a lot of money on it.

Today, the cyberattacks are increasing in mobile phones and tablets, previously attackers were targeting computers more comparatively. As most of the work people complete from their mobile than the computers, this becomes the primary way to target your data. Even you have a lot of personal information stored in the device and that must be protected effectively.

While purchasing any mobile phone, the operating system you choose is one of the most important aspects. Make sure you lookout for the security standard of it, not just the logo design, price, and specifications. Therefore, let’s discuss why iOS is a more secure system than the android.

#1. Closed source iOS

One of the significant reasons why iOS is a much more secure platform than Android and any other systems. iOS won’t allow you to download music, applications, videos from unknown sources.

Users can only download applications for the App store as it’s already gone through the security standard and approved by the officials. They have their own set of guidelines that application providers need to follow in any case. That way the chances of a hacker can attack your system will be reduced.

Third-party applications have higher chances of getting hacked easily and can leak the user information, which in iOS is never possible. Hence, this way you can make your device secure.

#2. Hard to jailbreak

Another important point which clearly says why iOS is a much more secure platform. In android, users can easily jailbreak the system. That means that root and unlock is much easier. This way you can remove a lot of restrictions set by the mobile company.

Whereas, in the iOS system this thing is hard to perform. It’s not impossible but it becomes much harder compared to android. Even with every update, it becomes difficult to do that. Apple always keeps its eye on what developers are trying to breach the security and instantly makes it even stronger. Therefore, this way iOS is difficult to jailbreak compared to android.

#3. Trustable facial recognition

When it comes to implementing new technology, nothing can beat Apple. They Have the best and secure way to perform on their device.

Similarly, when facial recognition becomes much more popular they also add in the device. But more effectively than the android. Apple’s face ID is much more secure than Android, that’s why it’s highly recommendable . In android, you can unlock your phone by showing the photo of that person. While in iOS it is never possible.

That will specifically be helpful while using any payment gateway. Hence, this way it’s the best option to use facial recognition on iOS systems.

#4. Prefer default apps

Another very important point which clearly defines why Apple becomes more secure than any other platform.

They provide a list of applications which is by default in the mobile that users need to use. They have their own developed applications such as safari, messenger mail, and much more. However, sometimes it becomes frustrating for the users to use this but if they are concerned about the security then this is the best.

Hence, by not allowing any other application than the default one makes it a stronger system and prevents any cyber attacks.

#5. Distribution of updates

Undoubtedly, most of the updates are meant to enhance the security standard. Whether it’s android or iOS, they frequently give updates to their users.

However, when Google releases any update it will first apply to the Pixel, Nexus, and few other mobiles. It takes time to reach all users. Every mobile manufacturer makes some changes before giving it to its users. This gap increases the chances of breaching security and stealing user information.

But when it comes to iOS, it will be directly available to the end-users and all the mobiles will be using the latest version of it. This will reduce the chances of cyber attacks and make it safe from hackers. With every update, the OS becomes more and more stronger and comes with some latest features in iPhone and functionality.

#6. Market share

The market share of the operating system makes a huge impact on security. Cybercriminals want to target large communities rather than a smaller one.

As we all know android is the highly used operating system across the globe compared to iOS. Around 85% of people use android on their mobile phones, which gives hackers a wider choice to attack any devices. Thus, this is how due to less market share iOS is much more secure from cybercriminals.

Wrapping up

It’s always a tough battle between android and iOS users on which is better. No matter, you will always find more Android users than iOS. But when it comes to security standards nothing can match Apple. They have a world-class security service for the users. The above-mentioned points clearly define why it’s the best security system.

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