How to Integrate Your Businesses’ POS Data into Your WordPress Site

point of sale system

This is an Age of Modern Technology, and every business is updating its system for the online world. This effort has been made for many years, but due to a vast trend of physical business, it didn’t have much success in this era. 

Well, as soon as COVID hit this world, every other business was greatly affected by it, even though most of them had to close their doors. On the other hand, a few made a wise decision and started upgrading their businesses towards the digital system.

Need for POS

This whole idea came into being due to POS (Point of Sale System) because an online business won’t be a success without proper management. So, the next step was to find a platform where the website was to run, and obviously, there was no better option than WordPress because this platform provides all tools, plugins, and add-ons in a single place. For those among you who are unaware of the term POS data , then it is a system used by eCommerce businesses.

What is POS?

Point of Sales System is a kind of software used to manage, calculate and keep the records of a complete inventory. In other words, all the tasks done by multiple hands are now effectively managed on a single screen. This type of system has greatly increased the worth of business management. 

This system has concise different departments in your system because it will not just keep the records but also provide a detailed report of your inventory and sales. Now when you have already understood this system, the next step is to find out how exactly you can choose a perfect POS data for your business.

How to choose POS?

Choosing a perfect POS is necessary because each one comes with its own set of features, and it depends on you which one you can use. There is a wide range of Point Sale systems, from basic to advance. So, your POS must include,

  • Integration with multiple platforms
  • Simple User Interface
  • Detailed Tracking and Management
  • Omni channel
  • Inventory Control with calculations and analysis
  • Monthly and weekly reports
  • Multiple payment transfer options

Steps for Data Integration

If you have already chosen a POS data that offers data integration, then the first step of this process is already completed. The next thing you will need would be different plugins available on the WordPress store that would carry out the integration process. Choosing one of these plugins is a major step because each has its integration options. 

Even different plugins support different devices for payment gateways. 

  • The first thing comes first, and that would be to install that plugin to your WordPress panel
  • After installation, the next step is to activate it with just a single click
  • Now create an interface for POS
  • The next step is to start adding products according to the categories
  • At the end-use, API credentials to connect your store to this POS

This might seem a simple process, but the real problem is the selection of POS data and then the WP plugin for integration. Also, there are a few differences with different plugins for the integration process.

Different WP Plugins for Integration

For sure, every plugin has something that you think you need for your e-commerce business, but as obvious, you have to choose one of them. Once you have all the things you need to know about them, finalizing your choice will be much easier. Below are a few of the top-rated Plugins that you should consider,

Open POS

This is one of the top-rated plugins available one the store, and the main reason for that is its automation of WP with Woo Commerce which is always in handy. This plugin can manage your store with real-time synchronization and provides a detailed report at the end of the day.

LightSpeed POS

This is a cloud-based integration system, and if you choose it, it will surely provide you with an online management solution. The best part about this integration is that it keeps a close eye on your inventory and keeps you updated with its details. As a result, you will be notified whenever your inventory is about to end.


If you are looking for a simple interface with easy management, then there is no other better available option for you. The best part of this solution is its automated system, which takes care of most functions on its end. Even though its interface is of a single page, it still does not lack features compared to the other top-rated integrations.


If you own multiple online or physical stores, then there is nothing to worry about because this is the integration to manage all of them from a single platform. Whether you need to keep track of transactions or payments, or if you have to manage the inventory, then all of these functions can be done right through this integration.

WooCommerce POS

Last but not least is the integration provided by WooCommerce itself, and without any doubt, its features are just impeccable. This integration comes in two different versions; the free version has limited features. At the same time, the paid version provides the features that are just marvelous, and even CR management.

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With the rate all the businesses are turning their attention to the digital world, it has become really necessary that you put your attention towards this as well. For running a successful e-commerce business, you would require a Point of Sale system for complete management. Also, integrating it with your WP panel makes it a lot stronger and easier because then you need not put much effort into it for customization.

Also, with this integration, you can manage your multiple stores from a single platform with ease of access. The best part is the integration process, which is quite simple and understandable.