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Influence marketing refers to the use of social media to get marketing communications about a product or service to be broadcasted by an influencer. This has risen to massive popularity as a tool for marketing and advertising in recent times. This is due to the cost-effectiveness and the potential reach that influencers have.

Influencer marketing is also extremely helpful to filter the target audience out of the rest of the population. According to a survey, 49% of people have admitted that they depend on product recommendations from influencers. Influencer marketing is said to be the fastest-growing customer- acquisition method.  

An influencer marketing agency is an extension of digital marketing agencies that specialize in influencer marketing. Influencer marketing seems like a fairly simple process. It is just looking for a social media influencer and appointing them to communicate with their followers about your product. But it is not as simple as that. It is advised to go with an influencer marketing agency to get the best result. This is because influencer marketing especially since it grew so much has become more and more complex. 

So here are some of the most prominent reasons why you need a good influencer marketing agency like confluencr.com before you plan and execute your marketing strategies.


It can often feel like just using an influencer to tap their followers and spread awareness about your product. It is not that simple. The social media influencer that you chose must have an online personality or image that goes along with the brand image that you wish to establish. The content created by the influencer must be more or less in alignment with your product or service category.

Meaning if you want a cosmetic or a skin product for young women, it only makes sense to appoint an influencer that makes beauty and lifestyle videos and has a subscriber base of young women. Not only that, but their general personality must also resonate with the values that your company propagates. 

Due to this, selecting an appropriate influencer takes a lot of work and thorough research. Advertisers cannot afford to spend verifying the subscriber base and content category of each influencer before appointing them for the task. 

It was revealed in a survey that 86% of women use social media for their product-recommendation. This is why an influencer marketing company, who already has collected data about influencers, their content, their subscriber index, and every possible detail required. Due to this, it is extremely easy for influencer marketing agencies to pick a suitable representative for your influencer marketing plan. 


Influencers benefit from marketing collaborations just as marketers benefit from them. This is because promotions and collaboration are the sources of income for influencers. This leads to many influencers taking unethical measures to attract the brand for monetary gains. 
Influencers are typically selected based on their subscriber base. This is why many influencers have fake followers (empty accounts following them to reflect in numbers).

 Many times marketers do not know how to verify these accounts as most of the methods are time-consuming. It requires going through the follower-list to spot the number of faceless accounts, looking for random senseless comments that are used to increase the engagement, etc. 

Influencer marketing agencies are a huge help when it comes to identifying influencers with fake accounts. This is because they regularly track the progress of each influencer and have also automated solutions to detect influencer-fraud.

This will also help you from investing in an influencer marketing plan after knowing that your influencer has an authentic reach and dependable work-ethics. 


Influencer marketing, as we said earlier is one of the most popular tools of social media marketing. This and many other factors have made the influencer marketing process extremely technical. But the technicalities are all behind the scenes.

 In the end, if you want your influencer marketing content to be successful, it has to be creative and relatable. So the outcome is based on the level of creativity in the marketing content. Companies often only have clarity of what they expect from the campaign but are clueless about what they want for their campaign. 

An influencer marketing agency acts as a medium between your brand and the influencer. The agency knows all about your products, services, sales, expectations, brand image, etc. they also know about the influencers, their follower base, their general tonality in content creation, and the behavior of their fans. Hence they are in a much better position to combine all these data and come up with the most suitable influencer marketing agency.

As the quote goes, “If you think you cannot afford a professional, try hiring an amateur.” Professional assistance is the key to a successful influencer marketing strategy. 

Even the influencers these days prefer communicating with the agencies rather than companies directly for their convenience. 

So there were all the reasons why you need a good influencer marketing agency.  

Author Bio: Shweta Singh

I am an aspiring Lawyer and a Content Writer. 

I believe that every business has a story and I thrive to tell that story to the world through my writing. 

I have been writing for influencer marketing for a long time for www.confluencr.com and have grown exponentially with the industry. 

With Confluencr, I have learned that quality content + targeted marketing can do wonders not only for businesses but for any individual.

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