How to increase the popularity of your YouTube channel

youtube channel popularity

Many are finding good fame on youtube because it is one of the most popular video-sharing social network sites on this planet! Youtube has 1 billion users from all globe who enjoy watching videos, uploading their videos, and finding other people on it as well. Use these five tips to get more hits to your channel and fans about your videos, making you popular on YouTube. Add keywords and tags to your videos — Keywords help people find you and make them interested in watching your videos.

Create eye-catching content

The most important thing is to make your YouTube channel eye-catching and exciting. This will make you more popular on YouTube and increase your subscribers. To make your channel attractive, you need to follow the following tips.

1. Select a Category: 

Select a theme for your YouTube channel so that the content of all videos uploaded on it is available in the same style and can be easily recognized by people.

2. Add a LOGO: 

Add an appealing Logo to your YouTube channel so that your viewers can recognize you better. If you are creating a channel for a brand, add a logo of that brand as a Logo so that users are not confused about what the track is about.

3. Create custom thumbnails: 

Create custom thumbnails for each video uploaded on YouTube. A catchy thumbnail will make it easier for users to find your video and click on it, which will increase the chances of more traffic on your channel.

4. Brand yourself: 

Always try to follow one style while making videos, whether they are related to education or entertainment, etc., so that people can recognize them with just one.

Create videos that are at least 5 minutes long

Making videos at least 5 minutes long makes it hard to make videos shorter than that. If you want to tell a short story or make an announcement, it’s easy to do in a minute or less. Like Google uses the words on websites to understand what a site is about, YouTube does the same. Using keywords in your title, description, and tags, you help YouTube’s algorithm understand what your video is about. Your title should not be misleading or clickbait-y. This will turn off viewers who feel cheated after clicking on your video.

Make sure your videos are helpful

For instance, make a video on Youtube video with the most likes. The best way to do it is to create short videos that explain something fun and easy way. Make them useful and show them to the right audience. To impact your video, you need to reach the right people. Make sure your videos are helpful and that there is a reason for them to exist. Nobody likes watching videos that are longer than they have to be. This means only showing what’s essential and editing out everything else.

Engage your viewers

Make sure your content is helpful to the viewer. The best way to keep people engaged on YouTube is to create a channel that provides valuable information or entertainment. Keep it short and straightforward. People have short attention spans online, so you should keep videos quick, simple, and to the point. Put a unique spin on trending topics or popular events. If you can make a video about something people are already viewing or sharing online, you may get more views with less effort. For example, if there is an anniversary coming up that might interest your audience, create a video around it as soon as possible while it will still be relevant in their minds and will also be more.

Maintain a schedule of uploads

Understand your Audience

One way to make videos that engage viewers is to understand them. The videos in this playlist are an experiment in communication. They are targeted at viewers with a certain level of understanding and curiosity who want to learn more about a specific subject. The goal is to build an audience of people who want to be challenged and inspired, like complex problems and intellectual risk-taking, and want to see the speaker think aloud.This is a widespread belief even among intelligent people, but it’s wrong. You need to do two things: you need to do something worth doing and explain it well.


Ultimately, the best way to build up your viewership and make sure that people keep watching your videos is to ensure that you’re providing them with quality content consistently and that you understand your audience. YouTube isn’t just going to build your channel popularity for you; you need to put in some hard work of your own. YouTube makes this easy to do by keeping track of how many views, subscribers, and favorites you have, so check these metrics regularly. If you’re using a third-party tool, they can sometimes provide more insight into how well your channel is performing than YouTube’s stats function.