Why is it Important to Have A Lawyer on Hand

lawyer on hand

There are so many occurrences, events, and transactions in everyday life that would go so smoothly if you had an attorney present. The benefits that a lawyer brings to the table cannot be underestimated and will have significant financial and emotional impacts. Here are a few reasons why having a lawyer on hand is an excellent idea.

Urgent Situations

Some industries, businesses, and professions may constantly require urgent legal advice. In this case, having a lawyer on retainer is a great option because you get the legal help you need at a moment’s notice. A retainer is simply an agreement between a client and their attorney to remit a specified amount into an escrow account. The money in this account is then deducted every time the client receives legal help.

It is common knowledge that some criminal cases can turn hectic very fast, and in this case, having a lawyer can help calm and resolve things better for a more favorable outcome. The retainer comes in handy when you get arrested and have no one to post your bail or take care of the lawyer’s fee required to negotiate your release. It is, therefore, rewarding to have a lawyer on call to cater to any eventuality.

Emotional Stability

When you get in trouble with the law, whether proven liable or not, you will more often than not be in a state of confusion and shock. The state of mental disarray prevents you from defending yourself properly, which may lead to the wrong conviction and even sentencing. In these situations where maintaining your composure and calm is impossible, a lawyer on hand is your best bet.

The attorney is less emotionally invested in the case, and even when they are, they are more likely to remain objective and take care of what needs to be done. They can separate the reality of the case from its perception, which, when confused, can lead to a negative outcome that could have been prevented.

Technicality and Sentence

When it comes to court proceedings, you want to know as many loopholes as possible and when to use them to your advantage. The law is quite diverse and segmented, and thus you may not be fully and confidently aware of what applies to you and what doesn’t. It can be a hassle to find good competent legal representation, especially when you are in jail awaiting the court date.

Therefore, it is wise to research the best lawyer you can afford and have them on standby. This is even more essential for people who have had previous run-ins with the law because, in some cases, it makes them more suspicious when certain events occur. Your lawyer will be able to spot and cite the correct terms for a favorable verdict. There is still hope for more lenient sentencing when you are found guilty. A lawyer can best negotiate the leniency because they are more aware of your rights and have your best interests. The Knoxville Tennessee lawyers will help you get a lighter jail term or fines and even explore chances of early release where applicable.

Witnesses and Negotiations

When you are facing charges, you need to find all the evidence and witnesses to ensure you get justice. It is inherently more challenging to get statements from people who can exonerate you when you are behind bars awaiting your day in court. Part of the lawyer’s job is to find all the character witnesses pertinent to your case and ensure that they are available to testify on your behalf or give signed witness statements to be used in court.

Your defense team will go the extra mile that you can’t, like private investigators, to find evidence that will help your case. Research has shown that most people without legal representation can be coerced into a guilty plea even when it can be avoided. Although it is unjust and unfair, people will find themselves agreeing to terms of a guilty plea that do not necessarily favor them. Having a lawyer present will ensure that this doesn’t happen, and when you take a guilty plea, it will be in your best interests.


There is no greater argument for the need to have a lawyer on hand than it being for your best interests legally. As we have seen, it is a safety precaution to have one on hand, which ensures that you get the best when in a legal conundrum.