Impact of pandemic on Caribbean Medical school applications

Medical school applications

The pandemic certainly caused a huge set back in terms of learning and also in various work sectors. Though now things have steadily picked up as education has become largely digital. Finding admission to a good medical school is one of the most important goals for medical students and this has not changed in the new normal. 

So, if you are looking to start your medical career by enrolling in the Caribbean Medical School, then you need not worry. Just start making preparations for your medical school application as early as you can because applying to med school is by no means an easy thing. 

Applying to medical school 

Getting admission to medical school still remains extremely competitive with an acceptance rate of 6.7% in 2019. Though securing a seat in the Caribbean medical school remains easier with a more relaxed admission procedure, students do need to have a good GPA and MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) score. 

Medical schools in the Caribbean Island have also taken into account the current situation and put in place the required measures for it. Many are conducting classes through remote learning but have also kept the option of studying on campus open to all. 

This is also because there have been no reported COVID-19 cases on the island since April 2020 and the government is taking all the measures to ensure that the graph stays negative. Business on the island is operating in the usual manner making it easier for students to live a normal life without any extra measures or restriction on social activity. 

Many medical schools like Saba University have recommended new as well as current students to come to campus. Though this is completely up to the students and they can go with remote learning for the new January 2021 semester.

Studying in the Caribbean 

The Caribbean medical school are completely committed to providing the best education to medical aspirants and this continues to remain the same. While measures like testing students coming from other countries and 14-day self-quarantine are in place, semesters at medical school are going to carry on. 

Remote learning also ensures that despite the physical distance, students don’t feel like their medical education has been hampered. Medical schools in the Caribbean like Saba are looking for more and better ways to academically engage with students. 

They are also looking for more enhanced mediums to ensure that students meet their academic goals all the while not putting their or others health at risk. The main focus is to ensure that in-person learning continuous without posing any threat along with simultaneous remote learning to give students a more diverse yet flexible approach to learning. 

So despite the strange circumstances created by the pandemic, students continue to send in their medical school applications and pursue their dreams of becoming a physician. Given that Caribbean medical school have become popular for providing excellent education and world-class facilities to students, it is no surprise that they have become a preferred option for medical aspirants. 

Along with this, students also get to enjoy the amazing environment of the Caribbean Island which has a serene location, offers numerous recreational activities and has friendly locals.