Top 10 HR Analytics Courses in India

HR analytics course

Human Resource domain in any organization is believed to be the part that works only in recruitment and payroll-related work. Not many know that HR has a much more elaborative role to play!

HR Analytics is one such role and this role involves understanding the employee’s contribution to the organization. This, in turn, helps to assess risks and strategies which would help in better revenue generation.

Evolved for the better, the HR analytics tool comes in handy for companies to understand their workforce better. After all, knowing the driving forces is every company’s top agenda!

Therefore, HR courses are high in-demand and some good institutions offer the best HR Analytics Course in India.

Top 10 HR Analytics Courses

HR Analytics Certification courses provide you a chance to stand out by upgrading your skill. Doing an HR Analytics Courses makes you the most in-demand skilled professional. It is believed that the tools learned through the course help in building a more dynamic company structure.

Following are the top 10 HR courses in India:

1. Henry Harvin HR Analytic Course

Henry Harvin Analytics Academy has the most in-demand HR Analytics courses available. It is an instructor-led course specifically designed for teaching techniques related to HR specialization.

After completion of the course, one would be able to use analytics tools, understand the aspects of data collection, get familiar with HR objectives, make data-driven decisions, and take analytically based decisions for the company.

Henry Harvin’s HR analytic course opens the door to the most demanding jobs, with a certification of CHRPA. The live classes are the best way to get trained, understand the course better, and get feedback on areas of improvement.

Course Duration: 32hours instructor-led

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2.Protouch HR Analytic Course

Protouch HR Analytic Course is determined to enable and provide experience to excel in the HR domain. From focusing on the basics to providing 15+ strategic tools, the Protouch course guides you through concepts and approaches which would make you industry-ready.

The experienced faculty provides hands-on experience on the tool and techniques. Understanding the problems. collecting data, testing, correlating, linear regression, and statistical modeling are some of the key areas where the course focuses. With more than 20 case studies this course prepares you to handle real-time problems very well.

Course Duration: 90 hours

3.XLRI Jamshedpur HR Analytic Course

XLRI has designed the HR Analytics courses keeping in mind various dimensions that a learner should get well-versed with. Descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytical techniques are the prime focus of this course. The course is completely formulated to cater to the future of human resources.

The key highlights of this course are analytical skills, communication skills, decision-making, people management, and solution-driven analysis.

Course Duration: 10 months

4.360DigiTMG HR Analytic Course

By taking the HR Analytic course at 360DigiTMG you get access to intensive sessions, get IBM certification, and get trained by experts of IIT & IIM.

The HR Analytic course offered, helps professionals to derive details related to the problem areas, build a good relationship with stakeholders, work parallelly with various sources, and develop a deep understanding with a data-driven mindset.

Course Duration: 16 hours

5.KPMG HR Analytic Course

HR Analytic course by KPMG, India is an intensive three-day course that is thoughtfully designed to teach analytical analysis using R. The highlight is the course starts from basics and takes you through all the key areas and then gives in detailed information on analytic models that an HR would need.

Course Duration: 72 hours

6.Chrmp HR Analytic Course

Chrmp HR Analytic Course, India helps you to understand the techniques helping you in adapting to the skills. The course also helps in identifying challenges and teaching methods to cope-up with the real-tie challenges.

The certification course is equipped with learning from Fortune 100 companies as a reference. The comprehensive learning makes the resources and experience of the course worthwhile.

Course Duration: 3 months

7.IIHR Bangalore HR Analytic Course

With the experience of years and a team of experts, IIHR Bangalore has been considered a preferred choice by many in India. The courses offered are accepted globally and make a benchmark impact on the profile.

Course Duration: 5 months

8.Upgrad HR Analytic Course

Upgrad HR course has been designed keeping in mind comprehensive learning and dynamic working system that are two key points for a team of HR.

With case studies to get more information and clarity, this course is very much a hands-on experience under the guidance of subject matter experts.

Course Duration: 5 months

9.Aihr HR Analytic Course

The fact and fast-paced world of decisions in HR need an extra specialization. Aihr HR Analytics courses is meant to cater for the same. A Self-paced course, Aihr has ample video content to teach real-life issues and solutions simultaneously.

Course Duration: 10 weeks

10.Udemy HR Analytic Course

Udemy HR Analytic Course is a door to achieving your goal. Top-ranked trainers lead the HR Analytic course at Udemy. With more than 1lakh students, this course has much to offer!

Course Duration: 32 hours


HR Analytics courses in India is highly in demand. The reason being the company needs an accurate way of the decision-making process. When the company standard and employee’s skillset both need critical analysis and modifications, HR Analytics plays its role. Choose a course from the above and be the change-maker!