How to Turn Your Guest Room Into a Stylish, Trendy and Amazing Space

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You’re having guests over for a stay, and you want to make a good first impression. You’ll probably think about the best food to serve, some of your favorite movies for them to watch, and how much you can afford to spend on drinks. But what about the room they are going to sleep in? How do you make sure it’s comfortable enough for them while still being stylish and trendy? Guest rooms are an important part of any home.

They provide a place for your friends and family to sleep when they come over, and it is also where you will host out-of-town guests during the holidays. This room should be luxurious yet welcoming. But most importantly, it needs to be stylish! If you are looking for some tips on how to make your guest room feel like a trendy retreat, then this blog post is perfect for you! 

Add some pops of color.

You don’t want your room to be too monotonous and dull, so choose a bright accent pillow for the bed or throw it over the back of an armchair. This will give it that little something extra to make your guest feel welcome and comfortable in their surroundings! This is a simple way to make your guest room feel more stylish and trendy. Adding a pop of color to your walls will make this space feel more inviting and cozy.

bedroom rug

It is also an inexpensive and budget friendly way to add some style and give you the bright best hues to the room. That will make your guest room feel like a modern and contemporary space. Choose a colorful accent pillow for the bed or throw it over the back of an armchair. Bright colors give you that extra something to make your guests comfortable in their surroundings! You can add a colorful touch to your guest room floor by placing an area rug in that color. 

Go for Glossy Wallpapers

This one is a little more expensive and time-consuming. However, if you have the resources to do this in your guest room, it can make an amazing difference! Playing with textures can be great for creating that space of distinction in your guest room. Placing Glossy wallpapers on walls will provide visual texture and give the room a more luxurious feel. 

Artwork on the Walls

You can find some really beautiful artwork these days that will look great in a guest room. Just make sure to hang it at eye level, so your guests don’t have to strain their necks while they’re staying over! Go for a piece that is not too busy and has a lot of white space. This will make it hassle free for you to change up the artwork with your season. 

Getting Comfortable

This is one area that you want to spend some time in when decorating a guest room because guests are not going there just for decoration! You don’t have to break the bank but add comfy touches, like throw pillows on the bed and floor cushions. A comfortable soft couch or a comfy small sofa is all you need for the guest room. 

Look for Unique Furniture Pieces

In today’s era, where every product is available online, there are so many unique pieces you can find to make your guest room feel like it was made just for them! Try looking in antique stores or local boutiques when you’re out on a furniture shopping spree. A vintage piece of furniture, like an armoire or dresser, can entirely change the mood of a room. 

To Take Care of Your Linens

Adding luxury and style to your guest room can be as simple as changing out the linens! Invest in some high-quality sheets and pillowcases that feel smooth and add a bit of elegance. A nice duvet cover is also an easy way to freshen up the look without completely redecorating the room. 

Adding Some Personality to Your Guest Room

A guest bedroom should be all about making your guests feel welcome and at home! Add some personality with nice wall art or fresh flowers on the dresser for them to enjoy. Put some scented candles for the fresh aroma. Also, a few accessories in the corner, like a basket of plush towels or a vase with fresh flowers, can give the room that inviting feel. 

Bringing in Some Natural Light

For an extra touch to your guest bedroom, make sure it’s as bright and cheery when they enter as possible! Blinds on windows are great for blocking out the sun during the day so opt for curtains in a light color to let natural lighting flow into the room. Besides natural light, add a few lamps or overhead lights that will illuminate the space. Ensure there are additional lamps placed around the room for reading or getting ready while still keeping that intimate feel. 

Making Your Guest Room Feel Cozy

The bed is where you want your guests to feel most comfortable and at ease, so they mustn’t be sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress or sitting up against a wall with no headboard. A nice fluffy comforter top is always a good idea! Lay a vibrant bedroom rug under the foot of your bed to bring color and texture to your room. 

Adding Comfy Seating

If you have guests over often, make sure your guest bedroom has seating for them to relax and chat in comfort! Bedside chairs are great because they provide more room than beds sitting up against pillows but if there is limited space, consider adding an ottoman or footstool. 

Set Up a Coffee Station

You may not be a coffee drinker, but your guests might! Set up a coffee station with all the fixings: mugs, creamers, and sugars. This way, they can self-serve instead of asking you to do it every time they want some caffeine in their system. Besides coffee, keep an electric kettle for those who are tea drinkers. 

A Tasteful Souvenir Table

This is a great way to show off your travels without taking up too much space! Choose one or two items that have meaning and set them out with care. This can be something as simple as an old ticket stub from the movie you saw together, tickets for someplace fun to go in the future, or a map of the place you visited together. 

It’s a Wrap

The coolest trends in home design are all about mixing things up. You don’t have to live with your grandma’s old furniture or a boring carpet that you can barely see the pattern on anymore. With Area Rug From RugKnots, you can turn any room into a great space for guests and family alike! We offer both traditional designs and more modern patterns, so there is something for everyone. Visit our website today and get started designing your perfect guest room area rug today!

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