How to Step up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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When it comes to renovations, homeowners tend to place most of their focus on the property’s interior. While this is a fine direction, they also need to consider how their house looks from the outside. While it can be amazing indoors your curb appeal may not match. Here are a few suggestions to step up your property’s exterior.

Artificial Turf

Summer in the Dallas Metro area is hot and muggy. Temperature can reach the upper 90s with heat indices in the 100s. Needless to say, your home’s landscaping can take a beating.

One way to prevent this is fake grass installation in Dallas. Soft as regular grass, it remains green throughout the summer to maintain your curb appeal. Additionally, there’s no need to trim the grass every week.


If artificial grass doesn’t interest you, then consider having little to none as part of your landscape plan. Instead, look into a concept called xeriscaping. Used in desert areas, this form of curb appeal is low-maintenance and environmentally sustainable.

In this form of landscaping rock gardens, paths, and succulent plants replace grass and thirsty flowers. Cacti and other low-water plants provide the color. Since the rocks and other stones keep the ground cool, moisture doesn’t evaporate. In turn, your water bill is decreased.


At first, gutters don’t seem to be part of curb appeal. Yet, sagging channels and rusted downspouts degrade an otherwise beautiful home exterior. Plus, broken gutters cause leaks and other damage if not cared for.

This doesn’t mean you need a complete replacement of your system. A thorough cleaning of the channels and downspout could enhance its looks. To prevent clogs and potential issues, cover the gutters with leaf guards. This stops natural debris from stopping the flow of water.

Make Your Front Door Pop

Front door colors represent certain emotional states. For instance, red represents a welcoming atmosphere. Meanwhile, black-painted doors signify elegance.

Normally, you want your front door to pop out from the rest of the home. If it’s the same color as the exterior, then it blends into the point that passersby ignore it. When you paint the front door a bolder color, then it’s the first thing their eyes go to.

Power Wash Your Siding

Your home’s siding gets dirty over time. This is related to dust, debris, and dead bugs. Eventually, your siding starts to look dingy.

Prevent this with a regular power wash. Either purchase a machine or rent one from a home improvement store. It takes a few minutes to a few hours to clean off the siding. Also clean locations like your walkways, windows, and any exposed brick facades.

Apply the Right Window Dressings

Yes, window dressings are for the home’s interior. Yet, they have a prominent place on the property’s exterior. Drab drapes or broken shades create a dour curb appeal.

Make sure you purchase dressings that highlight your windows’ interiors and exteriors. Furthermore, regularly clean both sides. When you notice tears in the drapes or cracks in the blinds, look to replace them instead of applying quick fixes.

Also, consider the state of the screen or storm windows. Rips and cracks in these surfaces are not only bad for curb appeal but let the elements in. Make sure these are regularly checked and replaced.

Brighten the Space

An all-encompassing step up in your home’s curb appeal covers the day and night. As it gets darker, you want to keep your exterior bright. A simple porch light makes your house look somewhat scary. Further, the lack of illumination is unsafe.

You don’t have to place spotlights around the front yard. Well-placed lights on the front porch and garage door do wonders to brighten your exterior. Enhance it with solar-powered lights for walkways.

There are plenty of ideas to step up your home’s curb appeal. You can also look into painting your garage door, adding tasteful furniture, and creating a clear path to the front door. In the end, the choice is yours.


If you don’t have the budget to do all of these things, then consider the most important enhancements. Put together a list of items to upgrade the curb appeal. Next, determine which ones you can do to save money. Before you know it, your home’s exterior will be the highlight of the neighborhood.