How to Replace Your Car Key Without the Original?

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Just imagine that your car key loses all of a sudden. Doesn’t it sound really horrible? Well, we can’t even think about losing it, especially when we are in a place where finding the keys is pretty much difficult. 

In this situation, the first thing you should not be panic. Yes, you heard that right! If your keys are lost, you can take help from an automotive locksmith which will consume about 20 to 45 minutes.

You may get a car key without the original one. One of the easiest and best ways to replace your lost key is a locksmith that makes your car key by using the code of the VIN number of the car.  By using a VIN number, locksmiths may rectify the real car key cuts for the car, revealing to them how to cut the key.

Also, you may wonder at the moment that “Can I actually replace your car key without even having the original one?” And the answer is an absolute yes! Want to know how? No issues; below are the best ways you can follow to know all about how you can replace your car key. So, here we go;

Replace your Car Key without the Original | Incredible Methods

1. Determine which key you have

Before you reach out to the car dealership or start looking for any locksmith, you have to determine what sort of key you exactly have. Knowing this will highly assist you in facilitating the entire procedure and making sure you get the most appropriate key.

Now, you do not importantly need to have your original keys at hand. Simply try to figure out whether the car uses a transponder key, a car key fob, or a traditional mechanical key. This will also help you open up the vehicle without much effort.

2. Choose a key replacement solution

Once you have examined the type of key of your vehicle, the very next step would be choosing a key replacement solution. There are a few approaches that most of the drivers use to get a quite new car key. This typically ranges from managing it by yourself through a nice DIY approach, calling a locksmith, or scheduling a specific appointment with your car dealership.

Remember that the solution you select should be entirely based on different wise factors, which largely include cost, and how fast you want your key to be manufactured. Once you decide on a particular option, you’ll surely have to collect some information that pertains perfectly to the car and its car key correspondingly, but we’ll get into this point later separately.

3. Gather your information

For getting a replacement key of your car from the locksmith, you will need to have the below-mentioned information ready:

  • Model of your car
  • Make of your car
  • Title 
  • Car registration
  • Year
  • Vehicle identification number

The enlightening information will extremely help your locksmith to determine what type of key the car will need. Plus, you can also find the VIN (Vehicle identification number) of your car on the dashboard specifically on the driver’s door or the driver’s side. This information is also essential to prove that you are the genuine owner of that car.

4. Wait for your replacement

After giving the locksmith or dealership the essential required information, the only thing left to do is simply wait for a while patiently. Keep in mind that the key cutting procedure without the original one can take a bit more time, too. This is because this process needs key duplication. 

5. Costs of replacing a car key

If you want a good replacement key, it will probably cost you some amount of money. Anyhow, if you own an older vehicle, it would cost you around $3 to $7 maximum. Sounds good, right?

On the other hand, a new car key can be a bit more expensive when you own a newer vehicle with a specialized car key or electronic key. Car keys with fobs, transponders, or chips can cost around $250, based on your labor and area costs. 

The Bottom Line

You will probably never realize how worthy and valuable the car keys are unless they stop working or you lose them unconsciously. All in all, they are your essential ticket to mobility & you obviously can’t go anywhere without them as you are utterly stuck.

In this case, you will surely think about any help or start exploring different ways by which you can replace your car keys. The above-mentioned details are all about how to replace your car key without the original. 

Exceptionally, if you somehow got unsuccessful in getting in touch with the locksmith, just take a bike with you, so that you can approach him more quickly in emergency situations.

Good luck, folks!