How To Repair A Sagging Roof Lining

Sagging Roof Lining

We spend a lot of money on buying the latest cars for ourselves. Modern automobile manufacturers provide the latest technology and designs in their vehicles. These cars are quite expensive and demand a lot of care and attention. Everyone likes to keep their cars in the best condition possible. People living a busy life forget to look after their car. 

Generally, people spend money to keep the exterior of their car good but forget about the interior altogether. One common problem is the sagging roof lining of a car. The roof lining is the cloth attached to the roof of a vehicle. It gives a beautiful look. Over the time, it is possible that the lining separates from the ceiling and sags. Let’s look at how we should repair a sagging roof lining.

Use glue to stick the fabric back to the roof

Mostly the roof lining sags because the glue which attaches it to the roof dries over time. The glue dissolves and doesn’t hold the roof lining its place. The most simple and effective method, in this case, is to use glue to stick it back in its position. If the lining has just come off the edges, it is easy to hold it back with adhesive.

You should always use a strong adhesive and spray it evenly. You can get the right adhesive at any good automobile parts shop. The best way is to remove the roof lining first wholly. Then put strong glue evenly on the roof and stick back the lining in its original place. Be alert and careful while carrying out this work. Car roof lining repair Gold Coast will help to repair your car roof lining at a low cost.

Make use of a steam cleaner

A steam cleaner is an effective way to fight the problem of a sagging roof lining. The lining sags because its glue loses its effectiveness. A steam cleaner can help to rejuvenate the adhesive. A steam cleaner will help to melt the glue holding the roof lining so that it can regain its effectiveness.

After you use the steam cleaner, fix the roof lining back to the roof frame. Make sure to put it in the right place. After putting it in place, you should use a ruler or paint roller to make sure the roof lining sticks and attaches perfectly to the roof. It is also an excellent way to make sure that the surface of the roof lining remains smooth, and there are no wrinkles.

Use pins to attach the roof lining

If you don’t have a lot of time and want a quick solution to the sagging roof lining problem, you can use pins. They are cheap, and you can buy them almost anywhere. Thumb pins or a set of drawing pins will work well. It will also save you a lot of time.

Put the roof lining in its original position and attach it with the pins along the roof. The best thing is that you can make any design you want with the pins. It will give a beautiful and fresh appearance to the interior of your car. it is a straightforward method, and you can carry it out effortlessly and in no time at all. It is one of the best quick fixes to this problem.

Use clear-headed twist pins

Twist pins will provide a secure and effective solution to the sagging roof lining problem. These are a select type of pins that have a pointed end, which easily twists into the head when you push it. So, when you attach the roof lining at the backboard, you need to push the pin and turn it to connect the roof lining with the roof.

It is an easy and economical way to solve this issue. You can also use the pins to create your unique design and give a new look to your car’s interior. These pins won’t even damage the roof. This is why it is one of the best methods you can use.

Make use of a double side tape

The dual-sided tape is a special tape that has glue on both sides. It can help us in a lot of different situations. It is a quick solution to the sagging roof lining problem. You can easily buy a double side tape from anywhere in the market.

One side of the tape will stick to the roof, and the other side will stick to the roof lining. It will make sure that the roof lining attaches to its original position. It is an easy and affordable method to repair the roof lining.


You should always check if all parts of your car are in good condition. In the above article, we read about how to fix a sagging roof lining. Although these methods are effective, they are temporary fixes to help you in the short term. You should take out time and get a permanent fix for this problem so that it doesn’t bother you again and again.

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