A complete guide on how to prevent a hair loss

prevent hair loss

Losing hair is scary, an embarrassment, and it is hard to fix the issue. While many people begin losing most of their hairs at old age, a few lose it at an earlier age. People fear losing their hair, and when it starts falling off, it is a nightmare for some. It is important to note that this is a common problem around the world. However, this occurrence is not the end of the world as you can incorporate natural remedies, which in turn helps you prevent loss of hair.

One thing you should have in mind is that losing about 50 to 100 is a normal thing, and it is a part of the normal cycle of hair growth. The problem arises when the cycle of hair growth gets disrupted or rather damaged since the hair follicles fail to generate new hairs. There are many factors that lead to one shedding off hair more than the normal circumstance. Some of the factors causing hair loss include aging, genetics, poor diet, hormonal imbalance, smoking, stress, hair styling products, among many other medical conditions and treatments.

prevent hair loss

It is unfortunate that no one has control over all these factors that leads to hair loss prevention, like aging and genetic. Indeed there is nothing one could do since you can reverse age or change your genes. However, these and others should not stop you from acquiring healthy, luscious hair. What are you going to do to prevent hair loss? In this post, you will get the full guide on you can prevent hair loss.

Types of hair loss

There are different types of loss of hair. Excessive hair loss is known as alopecia, and it comes in different forms.

Androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness        

The major cause of this type of hair is heredity and DHT. It starts from the forehead and will affect the whole top of the head. Many men suffering from this problem end up losing a lot of hair around their heads.

Female pattern baldness

When a woman enters their menopause stage, there is a high increase in losing hairs. The difference between this and male baldness occurs around the scalp leading to patches of bald spots in various places instead of starting at the forehead.

Alopecia areata

This one comes into place when a person is suffering from a disorder known as an autoimmune. It comes up as a result of a virus trigger leading to the white blood cell attacking the hair follicles. This has high chances of leading to an increase in hair loss which reduces regrowth chances. These come in two types which are the alopecia totalis and alopecia Universalist.

Scarring alopecia

This type of hair loss happens when your scalp experiences trauma. It may involve an injury, a burn, or even a fungal infection. The hair follicles get damaged, which in turn leads to scars. In such cases, hairs do not regrow around the scars.

Telogen effluvium

When the hairs get to their last phase in their life cycle, it is known as telogen, commonly known as the resting phase. When telogen effluvium takes place when excessive hairs do not allow the hair follicles can’t grow anymore. The good thing is that this can disappear without any type of treatment though it may need minoxidil that enhances new hair formation.


This is a psychological disorder that makes a person pull out their hair physically. It is disbelieving in serotonin or dopamine levels within one’s brays leading to this disorder.

Hair shaft defect

It is not a common hair loss type, but it is connected to the disorder of the genes. A person who has this defect is born with little frail hair or no hair completely. This illness can lead to a damaged hair shaft which comes in three types, including the monilethrix, trichothiodystrophy, and the pili torti.

Ways to prevent hair loss

Wash your hair regularly using shampoo

This is one of the best ways to prevent hair loss by keeping your scalp clean and healthy. Ensure incorporate the use of a good mild shampoo that does not contain a harsh chemical to harm your scalp or cause breakage.

Ensure to use hair conditioner

A conditioner with amino acids is great and can work wonders on your hairs. Use the conditioner right after washing the hair using the shampoo as it helps mend the damaged follicles to keep your hair smooth and tangle-free.

Use oil to massage your hair oil.

Massage for your hair works better than anything else to avoid hair from falling off. It helps nourish the hair edges and enhance blood circulation to the roots, preventing your hair from falling off the roots. You should gently massage the hair scalp with essential oil once or twice a week.

Avoid chemical treatments

Prevent harsh condition treatment and ensure to stick to natural remedies that will help you in promoting the growth of your hair. Some of the vital chemicals include the straightening one, perming one, and those that color your hair. Ensure to use the best brand to avoid your hair from getting damaged as it would result in your hair falling off.

Allow your hair to breathe.

Avoid hair from falling off by stopping smoking right away. Smoking is bad for healthy hair since it damages hair follicles. All this culminates in blood circulation, which causes hormonal imbalance. All the effects, in the end, will make your hair off.


Avoid worry and anxiety about something. This is because the more it shows on your face is a surprise enough on your hairbrush. Avoid stressing your hair and mind for healthier hair, and this will lower the shedding of your hair. You can do this by turning up for yoga, meditation, and other techniques to relax.

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