wrap fragile items

When moving to a new place, you need to prioritize your needs and make a list of what you want/need. This will give you an idea of how long it takes for each task. The next step would be to get an estimate from a moving company. It is recommended that you plan out your travel schedule to avoid throwing off your entire timeline and creating more work for yourself. When dividing tasks with family members or friends, try not to assign too many responsibilities as it can lead to disagreements and tension when deadlines are approaching.

Lastly, start packing! It may seem like common sense, but it’s essential not only because of time constraints but also because there may be things that need to be appropriately packed.

Prioritize Things that need to be done

The first step to a successful move is prioritizing what needs to be done. Key preparation tasks include getting moving estimates, planning your travel schedule, scheduling services like packing and cleaning, and dividing responsibilities among those helping with the move. Put together a checklist to make things easier. This is the perfect time to take inventory and evaluate where you stand. It gives you a clear picture of what remains to be done, which can help motivate you.

wrap fragile items

To prepare for a long-distance move, it is important to prioritize all the things that need to be done to their significance. The idea is just to get organized and start with what needs to happen first. For example, booking a moving company should be done before packing begins. You should notify potential landlords, schools, and insurance companies of your plans before you’re in your new home. To avoid disruption to your children’s education, don’t wait until shortly before the move to begin considering the schools in the area.

Get Moving Estimate

Long-distance moves are more expensive than local, same-state moves. To ensure you can find the perfect service for your needs and to plan your long distance relocation, it is best to ask three or more movers about their prices and services before signing a contract. In-home estimates will be more accurate than those performed from outside. The best time to begin plans for a long-distance move is approximately four weeks before your moving date.

Packing specialty boxes, storing goods, and collecting materials can be tedious. Take time to research movers before making a decision. You want to ensure you are using trusted movers for your long distance move. When you’re estimating your move’s cost, be sure to factor in a mover’s tip. Tipping your long-distance mover is optional, and it’s up to you if you would like to do so.

Plan Travel Schedule

Plan your travel, so you reach the destination before the movers. When sending items for delivery, your shipment may be combined with other small shipments going in the same way. The first thing to decide is when you need to move. The importance of scheduling the date with your moving company as early as possible cannot be overstated. Before you even begin to plan a long distance move, be sure that the destination is accessible at any time when it’s possible for delivery. If you plan on driving, estimate how many hours you will want to drive per day and decide where to stop for the night.

Schedule Cleaning Service

Cleaning your home is essential before you move. It would help if you did this at both houses when they are empty, preferably as soon as possible. Get carpets professionally shampooed to eliminate odors and stains. Improve the appearance of cabinets and wood floors to erase any marks. Please make sure the bathrooms and appliances are sanitized before using them. Check with your buyers to see if they have any special requests. Make sure to cover the floor and banister protection on your moving day with your moving company.

Divide Responsibilities

For a move, plan to enlist help from friends and family. If you have roommates or family members, be sure to divide responsibilities among them. A good long distance moving service will have you thinking about tasks for your kids and little ones to do. Dividing responsibilities improves the efficiency of your plan and makes it easier for you to keep track of what is most important. Remind everyone of their responsibilities for the day.

In preparation for a long distance move, one thing to do is to ensure that the interstate moving company you are going with is reliable and professional and executes on time.


Packing your items is not the only challenging part of a long distance move; you have to decide what to bring strategically. Start with purging your possessions. Rethink what you need to bring and discard items that no longer have a use in your life. Getting rid of junk should be one of the top priorities when preparing for a long distance move.

You might consider giving away items that you either don’t need, can’t transport for whatever reason, or are not worth much.

It is the process of prioritizing and making a list of the items that need to be taken with you. There is a risk of some items going missing when you move long distances. One way to avoid the hassle of waiting for your belongings is checking off everything as it arrives is using a checklist. Packing for a long move requires stricter guidelines. It’s always best to wrap fragile items more carefully to be less likely to be damaged in transit.


Moving is a lot of work, but it’s worth it. The tips we’ve outlined in this post should help make moving less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone involved! You’ll be glad you did when your new home becomes the place where you feel most at peace.

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