5 Delicious Ways to Prepare a Chocolate Beverage

drinking chocolate powder

When you explore new chocolate beverage recipes, you will realize you have been missing out on a lot. A homemade chocolate drink is such a treat, especially on a cold day. But you have to find ways to spice up your recipes so that every cup feels like an adventure. Here are five different ways to prepare a chocolate drink.

1. A Dash Of Cinnamon

Sometimes keeping things simple pays off, especially with recipes. You should be willing to experiment with spices and herbs. You will discover cinnamon creates a unique flavor with the chocolate drink.

It’s a little trick that goes a long way; it reduces the milkiness of the drink and elevates the aroma. You can brew the cinnamon into the water or milk during the initial heating process and then add the drinking chocolate powder as you would normally.

Strain out the spices or herbs before introducing the chocolate powder into the mix. You are not a big fan of cinnamon; you can try the peppermint and orange combination.

Even lavender works with a chocolate drink; the trick is finding what works for you. But cinnamon has proven to be a people pleaser; that’s why it’s the go-to for most people.

2. Whipped Hot Chocolate

It doesn’t matter how you make your chocolate; whipped cream always makes it better. Whipped hot chocolate will turn the traditional recipe you are used to upside down.

The drink becomes extra fluffy and creamy when mixed, almost like a milkshake. It’s the perfect drink to celebrate inside weather. Whipped hot chocolate is internet famous.

Unlike the traditional recipe where you make a warm chocolate milk base and top it with whipped cream, this recipe does the opposite. You make chocolate whipped cream and top it on the vanilla milk.

If you want to improve your presentation, you can sprinkle cocoa powder on top or some ground spice. It’s a great modern take on the chocolate holiday recipe you love. You will find yourself coming back to this recipe because it’s exceptional. It comes together quickly; it will only take you a few minutes.

3. Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

If you love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter in solid form, you will love it even more in a hot beverage. It takes ten minutes to craft this masterpiece, and it tastes like warm liquid peanut butter with a burst of chocolate flavor.

You can make it dairy-free if you are on a diet or even sugar-free. Add all the ingredients at once so that they are smooth and fully combined before adding chocolate powder. The powder will be hard to incorporate if the mixture is not smooth. While cooking, you should whisk it so that the peanut butter doesn’t form lumps.

4. Top It Off with Blackberry

This seems like an odd pairing, but it works. Once you have made your chocolate the way you like, top it with blackberry and enjoy the treat. The berries have a rich tartness that adds another layer to the otherwise sweet drink.

Some people don’t like it when the beverage is too sweet; if you are one of them, this will be a great hack. But don’t overdo it by adding too many berries on top because it can undermine the chocolate taste. Sometimes one is even enough to create the layered flavor.

If you are a blackberry fan, this will be a double treat. Aside from adding berries, spiking hot chocolate is also very common. Some little addition of liquor is a fun way to keep yourself warm in the cold weather.

5. Simmer It For Longer

Everything is instant these days, but you might want to take a different approach with this recipe. Take your time with the hot chocolate and cook it for a little longer. The longer you cook the chocolate, the richer the flavor becomes.

You shouldn’t go past seven minutes, but don’t rush it either. You can stir the mixture to ensure it comes out perfectly. If you add milk, the chocolate and milk will come together and melt into a velvety drink that tastes how you want.

You can prepare the hot chocolate beverage in a slow cooker. You will never want to use another recipe again after this. Feel free to add anything that enhances the flavor while cooking it.

There will be a big difference between mixing chocolate powder and water in the cup and slow cooking it.

The Final Sip

Ensure you try all these five different ways of making your chocolate drink. The trick is always using a quality chocolate powder that gives an authentic taste. There are many other ways to make the drink even more fun and flavorful, but these five ways are a great start.