How to Practice Baseball Catcher Drills: Easy and Amazing Tips 2022

practice baseball catcher drills

On how to practice baseball catchers have some of the most challenging drills. As a catcher, you are responsible for ensuring that your team can strike out each batter that stands before you.

A catcher needs heightened hand-eye coordination, peak stamina, and incredible reflex to do this crucial task. For a catcher to have these skills, they need to undergo rigorous training and practice.

Here are some drills on how to practice baseball catcher edition:

practice baseball catcher drills
  1. Stance: You need to get into the correct stance before doing your duty as a catcher. There are two stances that every baseball catcher needs to become familiar with. The first one is your primary stance which you get into before the pitcher throws the baseball.

The catcher needs to be relaxed and squatted with their knees slightly wide in the primary stance. At the same time, your gloves need to be at knee level, away from your chest, ensuring it’s at the center of the body.

Do this drill every day and attempt to stay in this position longer and longer.

  1. Throwing: Once you have gotten a handle on your stance, the next big thing you need to practice as a baseball catcher is throwing the baseball. There will be times when a batter heads for a base as a catcher, and you need to throw the ball at that base.

You need to learn about baseball throwing motions for a more accurate throw at different positions with different speeds.

There will be times when you can just catch the ball from a missed hit by the batter. However, there are times when you, as a catcher, will need to get in front of the baseball. Therefore, you need to practice baseball catching as a catcher from different angles and positions for those times.

After that, you need to learn to properly scoop a baseball that comes from the ground at you. As the catcher, you need to move quickly from your stance and towards the ball on an excellent baseball scoop. Once you get near you, you need to scoop the ball at an arc and use your throwing hand. Using your throwing hand to catch a ball is crucial.

Finally, you will need to throw the ball towards the correct position. From the moment you move towards the ball, you need to know where the ball needs to go. After scooping the ball, you will have to snap to position, meaning planting your front foot towards the required base and throwing the ball.

Make sure to practice this moving and throwing drill as many times as possible. Also, try to change up the partners you practice baseball catcher’s training with. With different players, you will learn other things. These tips are good for baseball tryouts as well.

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Finally, learning how to practice baseball catcher position is hard, but make sure to take your time. The more you practice, the better you will be and have an easier time getting those outs.

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