How to Pass the PMI ACP Exam?


The PMI or the Project Management Institute carries out a Certification exam known as the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner or PMI ACP exam. It is meant for business professionals who wish to implement the Agile methodologies into their business projects. The PMI ACP exam will certify their credentials and recognize their skills in adopting the Agile framework into their daily work. 

Benefits of becoming a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner

There are hordes of Agile certifications offered by different Institutes, but the PMI-ACP is the best among them. Here are some of the benefits of becoming a PMI Agile Certified Professional.

  • Increased knowledge base. You will be learning the best agile methodologies like Lean, Scrum, or Kanban that will cover a wide range of topics.
  • Globally recognized certification. The PMI ACP is a globally recognized certification that can help you clinch a job in any country you want, especially in the USA. The increased career option is the main reason why people choose this certification.
  • Certified credentials. Your employers won’t need to ask much if they see that you’re a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner. It will be the best feature on your CV and will help you make a good and lasting impression on your employers’ minds.
  • Industry-standard practices. The PMI has ensured that the PMI-ACP certification is following all the industry-standards. It will equip you with the relevant skills needed to implement the Agile methodologies into business projects successfully. 
  • It is in high demand. The PMI-ACP is one of the most sought-after certifications by employers across the globe. PMI-ACP certified professionals are hired almost instantly. Employers know that these individuals will add value to the organization; therefore, they prefer PMI-ACP certified individuals over non-certified ones.

The PMI ACP Exam

Now that you know how much the PMI ACP can benefit you let’s look at the exam pattern.

The PMI ACP Exam comprises of 120 MCQs that must be answered within 3 hours. Out of the 120 questions, 20 questions are considered extras and won’t add any value to your end score. You can still answer this question for a new impression. There are seven domains in the syllabus for the PMI ACP. Out of them, the Agile Principles and mindset and team performance carry the maximum weightage.

How to easily pass the PMI ACP Exam

The numerous benefits associated with the PMI ACP exam make it one of the most sought-after certifications. Therefore, it is not that easy. It needs rigorous practice and thorough preparation. We have compiled some exam tips that can be followed to pass the PMI ACP exam.

Read the PMI ACP Handbook.

This is an exclusive book made for all PMI ACP aspirants. The book covers all the exam topics in great detail and gives you an insight into both simple and complex Agile methodologies. It even gives you details of the examination and how to apply for it.

Prepare a schedule

The time and quality of your preparations will determine how well you do in the exams. It is not a simple exam, so you cannot mug up things and get ready in a week or two. To prepare well for the PMI ACP exam, you would need to start as early as three months from the exam date. This would give you ample time to be thorough with the syllabus.

Planning is the key

Merely creating a schedule is not enough. You need to plan the entire process. Create a plan that would give you more time to prepare for the topics that you are not well acquainted with. Set practical goals that can be achieved even after you fulfill your other commitments. 

Look for PMI ACP books

There are plenty of PMI ACP books available online that will help you with your preparation. You can download the list of reference materials from the official PMI website at 

Make use of Podcasts

Online learning is gaining momentum, and you can use that to your benefit. Enroll yourself for any PMI ACP course online to practice from the comfort of your home.


The last and the most important tip- practice. You need to solve a minimum of 120 practice questions to get through with the exam pattern.

So, these were the tips that you can use to pass the PMI ACP exam and build a successful career as a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner.

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