How to Make Your Car Look New Again In A Few Easy Steps

Car Look New Again

Just like most things, cars are susceptible to the effects of wear and tear and the more they are used, the more visible those effects will become. On the other hand, there really is little satisfaction in getting a new vehicle just to let it collect dust in your garage. So what can we do for ourselves and our car before it starts looking more like something we wouldn’t be caught dead in than the car we used to be proud to drive?

Bath time

Thankfully, there’s plenty that can be done to return the old glow to the now-aged car and it starts with giving it a good rinse. It’s inevitable that a car gets dirty with use, both on the inside and the outside, so before any real changes to the car are made, a thorough cleaning is in order. Take care to cover both the exterior and the interior of the vehicle and wash off the mud, grime and dust to reveal the vibrant paint of your car once again, and while the interior might not be so readily visible, cleaning it is definitely going to contribute to your personal sense of novelty. In case you find that you cannot clean your car thoroughly enough, consider inviting a professional to help for a longer-lasting effect.

Tune up the engine

Not just can the appearance of your vehicle deteriorate with constant use, but also its performance. If the car’s engine is worn out, the car might start to feel somewhat sluggish. This is a sign that certain parts such as spark plugs, air filters, and fuel filters need to be replaced in order to bring your car back to its previous capabilities. Thankfully, replacement parts are quite easy to find, making this a small but worthwhile investment.

Out with the old, in with the new

While most car owners do pay attention to changing the engine fluid on a regular basis, the majority is completely oblivious to the fact that there is an array of other fluids which also need to be changed from time to time in order to keep your car in top form. Some of these are brake fluids, making the brakes more reliable, steering fluids, allowing for the optimal performance of power steering systems, transmission fluids, making switching gears elegant and silent and the engine coolant, preventing corrosion and problems with overheating.

Don’t just watch the paint dry

Making your car look brand new definitely involves adding a fresh layer of paint, but in order for the shine to last, it’s important to shield your car against inevitable damage caused by deep scratches, stone chips, abrasions, swirl marks and road debris. In order to do this, a protective thermoplastic urethane film layer must be added. Thankfully, whether you’re looking for high-quality PPF in Sydney or anywhere else in the world, you’ll likely be able to find a specialist to provide assistance. Some protective films even have self-healing faculties, making this more than worth it as a long-term investment.

Hot wheels

With the wheels of the car constantly under pressure and facing the challenges of the often bumpy, unkept and uncomfortable roads, the tires can easily be the first thing that needs changing. But that’s nothing to worry about, as new tires will definitely add to the feeling of smoothness during your drive. However, if you’re willing to go the distance, refurbishing your wheels might be a good idea, since it’s more affordable than getting a completely new set of wheels while returning their performance to maximum capacity.

Glow up

Finally, if you’re really looking to make new additions to your ride and not just return it to its old glory, you can always consider options like adding gadgets to your car, redoing its interior or making cosmetic changes to the exterior. Some of the additions have practical uses, whereas others are purely cosmetic, but if your goal is to add a completely new glow to your car, it’s definitely worth a try. From new exhaust tips and new headlights to applying new pinstripes, there is a lot you can do. Some changes, such as adding a phone mount for enhanced ease of use or Bluetooth which allows you to stream music during your cruise, can make your drive infinitely more enjoyable. Suffice it to say that there is no lack of customisation options for anyone looking to fall in love with their old car again, but it’s paramount that you decide which aspect you’re going to focus on, what the best long-term solution is and whether the novelty will wear off sooner rather than later. Take into account your budget and plans for the future; there really is no rush when deciding which alternative to opt for.