Make the Perfect CV in 5 Steps

Perfect CV

Your perfect CV is the reflection of your personality and your career path. Its main purpose is to help you get a job interview. To avoid making it just a long list of experiences and trainings, you have to put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes. Remember that nowadays, headhunters receive tons of applications for each job offer they propose. So, it is important for you to catch their attention with a resume that is out of the ordinary. Here are the 5 steps to follow in order to achieve that goal.

Think about the CV Content before the CV Layout

The anti-chronological CV is still the most effective one. But to retrace your professional path, to find the thread that has led you to what you are today, the first thing to do is writing down on paper, or on a file on your computer, all of your experiences starting from the first. Now, you can sort out, classify essential information that reveals a good image of you. Once you have chosen all the elements you think will highlight your profile, you can move forward and find the best CV example online.

Find the Right CV Template on a CV Creator

Currently, job searchers can find multiple perfect CV templates on specialized websites such as The advantage is that you can create in a few minutes an attractive curriculum vitae. As we said, it is critical to catch the recruiter’s eye with a document that stands out from the others. That dos not mean you need a super original and fancy CV template, sobriety and elegance are keys. Also make sure the CV example match the way you want to organize your information.

Highlight the most Relevant Information

In case you do not know yet, your CV should fit on one page, or two pages if you really have acquired multiple experiences for decades. Recruiters are no longer impressed by 4-page CVs. They want to know in a few seconds whether you are fit for the job or not. Therefore, you must be concise and showcase the diplomas, experiences and skills that correspond to the job sought. In a nutshell, just go straight to the point.

Choose the Right Keywords

Read the job offer carefully and identify the keywords. Then, use them wisely on your CV. Think of choosing terms that will make your resume stand out on the internet. Once again, put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes to spot these keywords correctly. Always take into account the ad and the keywords of your business area. The name of the job sought is the first important word to include in the document so put it in your CV title. Then, add the other ones in the CV sections.

Make your CV Live!

Your curriculum vitae is not set in stone. As your professional career progress, you have to add more lines to the document. Do not hesitate to update your new experiences and skills regularly on social networks for example, this may raise your profile. Also post your CV online to gain visibility. And remember that each CV you submit must be unique and relevant to the vacation.

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