How to Keep Your Modern Christian Clothing Safe

the faith shoppe clothing
the faith shoppe clothing

Heading towards the path of spirituality is never easy as you need to sacrifice every luxury you have earned hard. Well, dedicating yourself to God and spirituality is a deed that is cherished forever. 

But this does not mean that you even need to stop wearing your favorite clothes or similar apparel to attain peace of mind and spirituality. Now you can follow the trend and be spiritual at the same time with the Jesus clothing line that defines the true meaning of being a spiritual person. 

To ensure that you never go out of your league with spiritual clothing, make sure that you are following a comprehensive guide. Written below is everything that you can get to know about modern Christian clothing. Keep reading for a better view of information!

Buy Quality Pieces

Do you still buy a $300 jacket that will last you several seasons or five new $100 jackets each season? Higher quality pieces, in addition to being better for the environment, people, and animals, will often last for much time due to superior materials and construction.

Make a list of wardrobe staples that will (hopefully) last you a long time, and don’t be afraid to splurge on them. You’ll value them much more, and Jesus’ clothing line lasts much longer than trend-driven things.

Wash Less

Don’t twist up your nose now! We’re not talking here about going out in public with a swarm of flies buzzing around! Consider what your garment goes through every time you wash it: tumbling in a washer with other clothes.

Not only will it be drained of its color and have elastic stretch, but it may also land up in a hot dryer, where it will shrink, fade, and sometimes fall apart entirely. Take the challenge to wear your Jesus clothing line at least three times before washing them, unless they are clearly soiled or smell bad.

Don’t Dry Clean Often

This guideline is especially important for men who may be tempted to dry-clean their suits and personal items more frequently than necessary. Aside from the high cost of dry-cleaning, the process uses harsh chemicals that hurt not only the fabric but also the environment!

As a result, expensive items, such as suits, wear out and fade far faster than they should. Alternatively, while showering, hang the item in the bathroom. This enables the steam to refresh your clothing without the use of chemicals.

Reduce the Amount of Detergent

Aside from being harmful to the environment, using too much detergent can leave your modern Christian clothing drab and stiff. Instead, use 12 cups of the recommended amount of detergent and 12 cups of baking soda as a detergent enhancer. 

This will clean your apparel just as well as ordinary detergent and will also help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Use a Clothesline or Drying Rack

If it’s not raining, the sun will dry your clothes considerably faster than your energy-guzzling drier. Using a clothesline or drying rack will prevent overheating and probable shrinking of garments in the dryer, in addition to being much gentler on your power cost. 

This is especially important for intimate clothing and activewear, as heat is known to break down the elasticity of clothes, creating undesired stretching.

Store in a Cool and Dry Environment

Clothes, like humans, dislike being kept in cramped spaces and are frequently prone to over-exposure to light. This includes avoiding storing your clothes in places where bacteria might thrive and destroy them, such as a moldy basement or your bathroom.

By allowing them some breathing room in your closet, you can reduce wrinkling and colour fading caused by items rubbing against each other. The modern Christian clothing should be stored on a hanger in a ventilated canvas bag to prevent creases and mold growth.

Fold Heavy Sweaters on a Shelf

This may sound obvious, but for those of you who don’t already do it (I’m guilty as well! ), it can make a big impact. If you hang heavier sweaters, the fabric will expand, leaving you with a sad, droopy jumper that you won’t want to wear. 

A small extra tip: throughout the summer, keep your sweaters with lavender, bay leaves, or cedarwood scraps to avoid finding a few undesired moth holes by the time winter arrives!

Buy Better Hangers

Most plastic and wire hooks will stretch out your garments’ shoulders, leaving you with saggy clothing. Despite being slightly more expensive, hardwood hangers will last longer and care for your clothes better.

Know Your Iron

Those of you who avoid using your iron (*cough*) may be doing your modern Christian clothing a favor! Many people do not set their irons to the proper temperature for the items they are ironing. 

This can cause shrinking and, if you’re like me, burn through your favorite lace garment. Most light creases can be removed by setting the iron a setting or two lower than what is advised.

And, if you believe you can do without the iron entirely, give your garments a good shake before hanging them up. You can avoid significant creasing by giving them ample space on the line in the first place.

Use a Dye Bath

Most clothes fade and lose color with time (particularly if you’re a serial washer). If you’re not having the willingness to part with your favorite black jeans or white t-shirt, consider giving them a dye bath to refresh their color.

All you are directed to do is combine some colored dye with the appropriate amount of water in a bucket, and your garments will be as good as new! Use this procedure exclusively on block-colored items, and always wash with like colors the first few times to prevent dye from running.

Get it right in the washing machine

Putting a load of laundry in when you don’t have a full load obviously wastes water, but shoving your entire wardrobe in and overfilling the machine isn’t good for your clothes. Not only will the clothes not be washed correctly, but they will also rub against one another, causing damage and fading. Another way to keep your clothes from fading is to wash them in the cold.

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