How to import EML files into Outlook – Step By Step Guide

import eml files into outlook

Since users have come across the Outlook PST file, they have been eager to import EML files into Outlook PST file format. Only some of the users who are using this EML messaging tool are totally convinced it is working. Therefore, shifting the data from EML to Outlook is best for users to keep a proper record of their data. To begin with, this conversion task, users are asked to look for an appropriate solution that can easily proceed with the task. 

The EML file format is a file extension for email messages; it consists of subject, sender, recipient, message, etc. Users can smoothly shift the EML data to numerous file formats, formats, i.e., Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mac, etc. However, Outlook PST files have been in so much demand that users now want to move their data to Outlook PST files for the betterment of their data. Now if users are here to get the detailed knowledge about the task then we will be providing you with completed information. Therefore, users are asked to read the whole blog thoroughly and begin with this conversion task with the tool that we will be citing.

How to convert EML files to PST 

If users are willing to begin this EML to PST conversion task, they are asked to opt for their preferred method and commence it quickly. The manual process and the professional third-party tool are two ways to begin the task. Manually, it will become difficult for the users to finish the task, as it requires technical knowledge. One who is an IT expert will be able to complete the task successfully without any issues. It takes ample time to finish the task, and users can only import one file at a time. Thus, they will have to repeat the whole task as per the number of files they have to shift.

Thus, we suggest users import EML files into Outlook with a professional third-party tool. It will finish the whole task successfully without consuming much time and assure users of proper data security, which the manual method does not offer. Professionally, users can export multiple files in a single go, and it will not misplace any data. All the technical and non-technical users can commence the task with professional tools. In the following paragraph, we will suggest a picture-perfect utility for which users can opt.

EML to PST conversion with a professional tool

The users who opt for the professional tool need help choosing the correct one. We suggest users use the Weeom EML to PST converter tool to get the best result. It will provide you with immediate results without harming any data. Anyone can run the task with this professional utility; it assures users of the proper security of their data. 

Users can access the tool whenever they want, as it is available 24/7. Now that users wish to commence the task with a professional tool to convert EML files to PST file format, they must wonder how it works. Thus, we are sharing some tool features, so go through them before selecting the utility for the task.

  • The tool allows users to convert their EML files to any other format, such as MSG and PST.
  • It will easily import EML files into Outlook without consuming much time.
  • It allows users to add numerous files for the conversion task, and it will finish the task in a single go.
  • Users can split their Outlook PST files as per the size they have entered for every PST file.
  • The tool easily supports the EML files of more than 18 email clients.
  • It has a very user-friendly interface that will make the whole procedure easy.
  • The tool will guide the users throughout the task so that they can easily import their EML files into Outlook PST file format.
  • After completing the task, the tool will provide a proper status report so users can check every step in detail.
  • It supports both the ANSI and Unicode file types.
  • The utility will properly maintain the data integrity and folder hierarchy.
  • It offers 100% data security, so users do not have to worry about misplaced data.
  • Users can also preview their data before proceeding with the task’s final conversion. 
  • There is no size limitation so that one can add an EML file of any size.
  • With the help of the filter, option users can choose the data as per their preference for this conversion task.
  • The software supports every version of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Users who want to learn more about the tool can download the free demo version to explore every tool feature in detail easily.


In the above content, we have shared every detail about the procedure. Anyone willing to import EML files into Outlook PST file format can choose the mentioned tool. It will help the users accomplish the task without glitches and misplacing any data.