How to find best student accommodation near University of California

Student accommodation Davis

From desert to sunny beaches, forest to a hustling city, California has it all. The State attracts hundreds of students every year. The University of California, which is a public research university, has been ranked as one of the best in the world. Even though California may be slightly on the expensive side, there are ways in which you can save on resources and have an exciting student life in California

If you are thinking of a fun-filled student journey in this sunny state, you must begin your search for student accommodation near University of California Davis. This article will act as a guide on how to get the right student accommodation in order to save money on extra amenities. But before that, let’s have a look at all the treats California has to offer to international students.

University of California

University of California is a globally ranked institute. It caters to 238,700 students each year and is spread over 10 beautiful campuses. The Davis campus is one of the best out of the ten, with specialised courses in economics, neuroscience, neurobiology and experimental psychology among others. It has an acceptance rate of 30-40% and is pretty competitive. Student accommodation Davis offers a range of off campus student homes where you can stay comfortably and access tons of amenities.

University of California offers state of the art facilities to students in the form of laboratories, galleries, museums, botanical gardens all in and around the campuses. There are 5 medical centres that promote development in therapies and clinical teaching courses. Not to mention the alumni of this University have won Pulitzer prizes across the decades. With more than 600 different graduate programs, this university offers lucrative opportunities to students.

Another best feature of the University is that they are heavily funded and more than ⅔ rd of students receive grants and scholarships every year. If you fit the eligibility criteria, you too can apply for grants across courses. That is another reason why UC is a favourite among students.

Student Life in Davis California

Student life in this ‘Golden State’ is exciting, to say the least. With Hollywood right in the heart of the State, there are tons of events happening throughout the year. Davis in California is a safe city with an excellent public transport network. It’s Mediterranean climate makes it the perfect place to live. For those who despise the cold, Davis is the ideal place.

The only downside to living in Davis is the cost of living. You can always get a bicycle to navigate the city. Student accommodation Davis comes with amenities that are included in the rent itself. From your electricity bill to internet connection, pay a single amount of money that covers all your basic expenses. Be sure to choose student accommodation near University of California Davis so that you can walk or ride to the college campus. From essentials like pharmacies to ATMs, student accommodation gives you easy access to them all.

  • Things to Consider Before Choosing Student Accommodation Davis
  • As mentioned earlier, living in Davis can burn a hole in your pocket at times. But you can save commuting costs if you choose student accommodation Davis right near the college. Make sure the accommodation connects you to all the nearby bus stops and subway stations to make travel a hassle free affair.
  • Academics at the University of California can be daunting to first timers. You will most likely have a jam packed schedule with classes and extracurriculars. Under such circumstances, you cannot afford to worry about daily laundry. Student accommodation near University of California Davis should be fully equipped with amenities like bike parking and onsite laundry to make daily life easy
  • Social spaces are a must while choosing any student accommodation. Make sure your student home has an ample amount of communal areas where all the residents can hang out together and build lifelong friendships.
  • Davis has a moderate crime rate and it is advisable to avoid dark and deserted lanes at night. Student accommodation Davis should be located in a safe neighbourhood and have security measures like secure room access or CCTV cameras.

The U Apartment Davis

If you are the lucky recipient of an acceptance letter from UC Davis, you should definitely check out this accommodation. The U Apartment Davis offers luxury living with its resort-like features at affordable prices. It is centrally located with the University of California a short bus ride away and Downtown a few minutes walk away.

The U Apartment Davis is a prime student accommodation, located conveniently. Access the nearby bus stop and train stations easily. From essentials like supermarket to pharmacy, ATMs to convenience stores, find all within manageable distance from the accommodation.

Choose from a range of well ventilated, fully furnished rooms at this accommodation. Each room comes with a comfortable bed, a cosy study area and tons of storage space to accommodate all your things. The property has a huge grass lounge that is perfect for those weekend matches. There is even a swimming pool with spa facilities, ideal for stress bursting at the end of a long week. Enjoy end of semester parties at the BBQ area or head over to the communal study rooms for group study sessions. There are printing facilities inside the accommodation for those last minute notes. With such varied entertainment inside the accommodation, you will not feel like venturing out. The U Apartment Davis takes care of your security with its secure door e