How To Connect Dlink DIR X5460 WiFi 6 Router With Window 10?


In the office, WiFi network connectivity is a must because many computers & laptops are there that require WiFi networks. Then you need to install such a device that usually supports all types of windows computers & laptops. So, you can install the Dlink DIR X5460 router. Because it delivers amazing & brilliant WiFi network speed in all the weak points of your office. This router’s enhanced WiFi 6 technology absolutely increases the network range. Although the combined speed of this networking router is high, it presented a combined speed of 5.4 Gbps. Moreover, the DIR X5460 Wifi 6 router usually supports dual band networks, and the 5 GHz network is 90% faster & stronger. Besides, the 11AC technology also works with this networking router.

The Dlink WiFi 6 networking router comes with 3.0 & 2.0 USB ports that widely provide the facility of all types of windows computers & laptops. Although, the exceptional capacity is enhanced in this router that provides the facility to connect more devices to the router. If you wish to check the firmware version to increase the speed then you insert dlinkrouter.local in your desktop computer web and then quickly find out the home page. 

Marvelous features regarding Dlink DIR X5460 WiFi 6 Router

The D-link dir-x5460 WiFi router provides the facility to enjoy all the desktop computers with a single router. That means you smoothly enjoy better & reliable 4K streaming, gaming, & downloading without any congestion. In the points presented below, the marvelous features of this device are fully explained. 

Extraordinary capacity for window computer

The Dlink AX5400 WiFi network device is absolutely perfect & ideal for the office user as well as home. The capacity of this networking device is unbelievable & outstanding. Another networking router does not have the superior networking capacity then this router does not support many types of windows computer. But the Dir-x5460 networking router capacity is very exceptional & extraordinary. That means it smoothly supports many Windows computers & laptops. Then you usually use the Dlink router in your whole office and all the computers securely connect it. Some other networking routers deliver unstable networking signals even after connecting 10 computers but the dlink router range is more stable even when more than 20-25 windows computers are connected. 

Next-generation WiFi Range & Speed

The Dlink DIR-x5460 networking router completely comes along with the next-gen WiFi range & speed. Then Next-gent speeds are ordinarily wider & faster. This speed is 90% faster than the other networking wireless routers. Although, it brings the 802.11ac networks that automatically network range more boost without network congestion. The 2.4 GHz network band of this device is 90% faster & besides this, the 5 GHz band is 176% faster & stronger. Then, you simply stream the videos, download the HD videos, and play the gaming on your desktop computer while using the Next-gen speed & range.   

Unprecedented Efficiency

The network range of the dir-x5460 networking router is 5400 Mbps. This range is provided in a smooth & reliable manner. If you wish to download the long file on your desktop computer or laptop then you usually enable the 5 GHz band. Because the 5 GHz band thoroughly delivers the high range with the stable network. After enabling the 5 GHz band then you surely smoothly download files if the files are long as well as small. Then, this networking router absolutely delivers unprecedented efficiency in the proper manner. Along with this, the 2.4 GHz band is also efficient. This band is 90% stronger and you can easily enjoy the network connectivity with this band. 

Voice control & D-Link WiFi mesh 

The Dlink DIR-X5460 networking router is such a device that seamlessly works with Amazon Alexa which means you voice control your router. For this, you need to connect the Amazon Alexa to the D’link router. You easily connect it with the D-Link WiFi app. After connecting it, you enable any band with the voice and also turn OFF the device with your voice. The D-Link Wi-Fi mesh technology also works to provide the option, cover the network connectivity in all the presented points of your office. 

Connect Dlink DIR X5460 WiFi 6 Router With Window 10

The AX5400 WiFi 6 router surely supports numerous types of client devices. In your office, you need to connect your Windows 10 computer to the router then you quickly connect it with the Ethernet cable. Firstly, find out the Ethernet ports and then using the Ethernet cable and the attached to this cable of the presented ports. And when the connection is ready you enjoy all the work on your Windows computer.

Dlink DIR X5460 WiFi 6 Router Review 

In my point of view, the d-link dir-x5460 ax5400 review is a brilliant & high-speed wireless networking router. Because the speed & range is very efficient. Although, this networking device fully supports various devices if the connectivity technology is wired or wireless of this device. Also, the next-gen speed is enhanced in this router that really improves the range. I also use this networking device and provide the best result. I easily surf the web and also stream the videos without facing buffering signals. Thus, it is a superior and mind-blowing networking device. 

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