How to choose natural colored contact lenses

natural colored contact lenses

Who has a more expressive power? Probably, the person with deep, expressive eyes! Eyes play the real game of expressions. It conveys what words fail to. You might be familiar with the phrase that eyes are the window to the soul. A simple gaze has a deep meaning, coming directly from your mind. Your eyes say what’s happening in your mind, it says it all.

Do you want colorful eyes but look natural? Here we go. Natural coloured contact lenses help out to make your eyes more meaningful. It strengthens the natural color of your iris, sharpens its edges, and creates an enhanced look. For a perfect eye look, you must know which color is the best for you. That is why we have outlined a few factors on which impact contact lens color.

Enhancement tinted lenses do wonders to your eyes for a natural look. It defines your iris while keeping intact the natural color. Also, it adds aesthetic vibes by amplifying extraordinary colors to your personality.

Eye color:

Your original eye color is the most important factor when it comes to a natural look. When you choose a color different from your own eye color, it doesn’t seem natural. Choose a color that is similar to your eye color. Hazel and brown are the most natural colored contacts.

Best natural colored contacts for brown eyes:

As you know, brown is the most common eye color in the world. Let’s talk about it first. If you want a natural-looking lens for dark brown eyes, go for oak brown, radiant brown, and honey. Hazel is another good option. It goes perfectly with light brown eyes.

Natural colored contacts for gray eyes:

If you have gray eyes, ochre color is for you. It will enhance the sharpness of your eyes yet looks natural. You may also go for grey caramel, forest hazel, and sandy brown.

Natural contacts for black eyes:

Black eyes look perfect in their own way. However, if you’re bored with your dark gaze, you can change your eye color to brown or grey. Don’t worry! It will look natural. Go for Hazel. It is the most natural colored contact for dark eyes.

Natural colored contacts for blue eyes:

If you have blue eyes, try to avoid colors like dark brown, hazel, and emerald. They look odd on blue eyes. You may go for various tones of blue and grey.

Skin tone:

Skin tone has a great impact on lenses. Always choosethe color of your contact lenses according to your skin tone. First of all, check-in which category of skin tone you fall and then search for the color you like, if it suits people of your skin tone or not.

Here are some natural colored contact lenses for various skin tones.

For dark skin:

If you’re Black or have a darker skin tone, choose warmer colors for your eyes. Dark skin tone with dark kohled eyes makes the perfect combination. Go for caramel tea, radiant hazelnut, wild honey, and violet. For a seductive look, you may go for smoky colors. Greys and light green are some other options for you.

For warm skin:

Asians from Pakistan and India usually have a warm skin tone. Such skin tone looks best with bright colored eyes. If you have tanned skin, go for colors that make your eyes more bright like hazel, amber, sweet brown, and spice. If you have naturally blue or grey eyes, you may also go for some shades of blue. Ocean blue is the best for a warm skin tone.

For fair skin:

Most of the Americans and Europeans have a light color complexion. However, it varies from ivory to fair. If you have such a skin tone, you’re lucky because any eye color can suit you. Turquoise or emerald will surely look perfect on your snow-white skin.

From bright blue to dark brown, you can opt for any colored contact lenses. Violet and blue is a good choice for people with pink or red undertones. But don’t forget to match the contacts with your eye color as well, for a natural, complete look.

Hair color:

Besides eye color and skin tone, a third factor that is also important is hair color. Here is how to match your contact lenses with your hair color.

For blonde hair:

Blonde hair sets well with every eye color. From vivid to darker shades, every color looks perfect with it. You can opt for brown, green, blue, and violet. Grey contact lenses, in any shade, is the best choice for blonde hair.

For vivid hair:

If you have pink hair, try blue lenses with a nude eye shadow. You’ll rock the party. Dark green eye color goes well with red hair. Grey lenses look extra sexy on blue hair.

For black hair:

Just like blonde, black hair color also goes well with any eye color. You can go for sandy brown, sky grey, caramel tea, light hazel, radiant hazelnut, and honey brown.

Make sure to match your brows with your hair color. These colors will give your eyes more depth. Apply kohl pencil as well to make your eyes deep and darker. For brighter eyes, go for Persian green or sea green.

For brown hair:

If you have brown hair, brown eye colors will do their best to create an effective natural look. Any shade of brown goes well with brown hair. Here are some options from where you choose your favorite. Radiant hazelnut, golden ochre, amber, and sandy brown.

Final words:

We hope this blog helped you find out your best lenses for a natural look. The next time you create a natural glam makeup look, don’t forget to use these natural colored contact lenses. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your smoky eyes with these comfortable, yet natural contacts. We have mentioned a wide range of colors, from which you can choose according to your desire.

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