6 Things You Should Not Forget On Your First Anniversary Celebration

Anniversary Celebration

The first anniversary of every couple is very special. One year of roller coaster ride, with new relationships, ambiance, responsibilities, and whatnot. However, in this one-year, you also get to know your partner through all your highs and lows. So, after completing a year, it’s time for a party; and it’s legit too.

Everyone loves to party hard, but at your first-anniversary party, you don’t just party hard. You do something special. After all, it is not just any other party. It’s a celebration of completing a year as a husband and wife. If you’re trying to plan something new for your first anniversary and make it something special, then don’t hesitate.

Check out our ideas for a fun get-together or romantic date-night suggestions. Nothing can be more romantic when you get the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones. So, what are you waiting for? Try to be super crafty on this romantic first-anniversary celebration.

Keep the Table Ready

On your first anniversary celebration, serve your guests champagne, wine, fresh fruit, cheese, and sweets. You can keep other food items on your first-anniversary celebration menu. Delicious cupcakes, muffins, cookies, confectionery, marshmallows served with fruit punch, or strawberry milk can be some of them.

Try DIY recipes at home, and you can surprise your guests in a chic industrial fashion. No doubt, a chocolate treat with friends and family can make the day even more special. If possible, keep some LOVE scrabble or heart-shaped coasters on the table to get the texture and depth of color on the wood pieces.

Jar Lantern and Painted Mason

You can either buy or use some simple DIY techniques to paint inside the lantern, Wall hanging lights, or acrylic paint on a glass jar. Next, you can put a battery-operated or electric light inside the jar. You can also use glittering candles in a mason jar to make the place more serene.

DIY Heart Shaped Balloons

Using the heart-shaped balloon tails is an easy way of decoration. These heart-shaped things on your windowsill can boost your mood. It can also bring back that college-romance feel to your first-anniversary celebration. If you have married your childhood or college buddy, this kind of decoration may bring back some old, sweet memories and make the day even more special. If you wish, present this item to your loved ones. The environmentally conscious part will attract your guests, and they can take this inspiration from you to decorate their place. With DIY heart picks for plants, you can add a lovely touch to your Valentine’s Day party decoration.

Make love letter artwork with an arrow nod to winged Cupid and Dove. Wooden kiss valentine décor is marvelous if you want to give it a vintage or countryside look.

Flowers and Mantle Décor

The most beautiful of all gifts or decoration items is a flower. The flower is an item that can go well with any occasion. You can use the vases of faux flowers or a framed heart made of shiplap to display in your wedding anniversary party.

For a romantic touch in your bedroom, adorn the bedside table with red flowers. Do set the ‘Yours’ and ‘Mine’ pillows on the couch. You can decorate your living space with floral hearts that will give an elegant look to your walls or doors. A heart branch tree is something you can make your own. You need to grab some twigs and spray-paint them in white. Use colorful construction paper to craft small heart shapes and hang them around the branches. 

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