How to buying a used graphics card in 2020

graphics card

Buying a couple used graphics card from xfurbish I want to make the view explaining the  do’s and don’ts what to look for why you  should be getting a used graphics cards  so first of all number one the biggest  thing I want to talk about is  everybody’s saying don’t gain you use  graphics cards and in fact the matter  even if you got them for minors there’s  a couple of good to situations where  they’ll probably be fine for what you’re  doing so the first thing I’m gonna  recommend.

Is why you should be any use  graphics cards so maybe you’re trying to I don’t know cut down some of the prices you’re trying to get like a temporary  graphics card that will only be with you  for maybe a year to maybe half a month  and that’s what you’re planning on using  it for is a temporary graphics card that  would be fine the biggest issue when it  comes down to use graphics cards is longevity you’re probably looking at a  shortening even if they’re an extremely  heavy minor they run the card 24/7  you’re still looking at around a maybe  half-life decreased so if the cards only  three months three years old or what’s  only just released this year it’s three  years old and you’re probably looking  pretty good so one of the big things I  want to talk about if you’re looking to  get a card permanently there’s a couple  of tricks you can actually do to keep a  good you know way to determine how these  parts are where to get these cards and  how well the car was taken care of so  the biggest.

Thing I want to talk about  is my experience we’re getting this  graphics card so this is a used Card this is actually like two or three years  old what’s a six sixty or something but  my point being is this card if you just  got the card alone I’d be a little bit  concerned because you know the card  seems like you know it’s got some dust  and it looks like it was run pretty  heavily well what I want to keep note is  I actually have the box with the  instructions and everything else in here  now I have some of the other components  for this this mess over here I actually  have the shroud for the this lovely  thing right here is with my project in  the making so it’ll just we’ll just  leave it at that but I have the whole  box and all the instructions and I  bought all that birth whatever I bought  it for back whenever I got it well my  point being is if someone takes the time  and effort to keep the box with them and  you can get the box with the graphics  card in the original box especially for  minors is really difficult to store all  these massive amount of boxes.

If you’re heavily working the graphics  cards and you’re just getting more and  more which is the only which is  extremely high trend with minors they  completely throw out the boxes because  there’s no use so you can get a graphics  card with a box you’re pretty much you  know guaranteed that the person at least  took care enough and you know thought  highly enough their graphics card will  the same it you know maybe resale and  they’re not necessarily going out and  you know putting a lot of like it feels  like they took care of it  now another thing I want to talk about  is why you shouldn’t get a high end  graphics card if you’re paying more than  $500 for a huge graphic store that I  mean like a 1080i or Titan that’s what I  that’s what you probably should consider  just getting a brand-new one or getting  them all down because the high end  graphics cards are really hit hard right  now with the cryptocurrency mining and  so if you’re out there and you’re trying  to go buy a graphics card and you know  you want to get these high-end cards yes  you can save up a little bit more and  get that but it’s not really worth the  issue of these cards some of these cards  especially I would also say the blower  for style cards are a lot more safer in  this situation because the the miners  tend to get the non-blower style cards  because they have higher clock speeds  and they also tend to overclock them  with the special coolers and stuff so if  you’re getting a blower style high-end  card that would probably be a little bit  more safer actually majority bit safer  now the final thing is if you’re getting  a card and it’s blower style and  everything else and you want to get a  1080i something like that and you want  to get like the full blower style I just say save up and get the model off and  save up and get the model you can  buy or save up and get the model above  and actually buy a brand new because  when you get into a high-end market with  the specialized fans and the high clock  speeds that’s where you really get into  territory people overclock.

Potential and especially when they’re  mining and you’re really in a dangerous  situation where the card may only last  you one or two years that’s fine with  you then yes but for the matter of  refurbished graphics card india you know if you’re mean this card  probably won’t soon hear for maybe four  years tops and my point being is the  card itself will probably last two years  but if you’re gonna upgrade in two years  and it might be worth it but still again  get a brand new card and so that way it  doesn’t break.

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