How Do You Prepare A Construction Estimate?

construction estimate

Have you ever considered how crucial a Construction Estimate is to ensure on-time project execution? If you have not, then this article is for you. As a contractor, there is pressure to complete the construction project within budget. If the project is more extensive, the complexities in managing the cost also increase. Let’s say you are preparing a bid proposal for your client. Do you know what the client will check to hire you? The client always matches the project needs and budget with the construction estimate. If it is not under the budget, then your chances of winning are low. So, It is the contractor’s role to deliver an exact estimate to secure a position.

There are various techniques for producing precise Construction Estimates. Each one is implemented according to the requirements of the project. An authentic and reliable Construction Estimating Services Company can control the budget. Their estimating experts know the strategies for how to cut costs efficiently. Second, the use of estimating software boosts efficiency. But even then, you have to be smart enough to tackle challenges. If you can manage this. The construction estimate is accurate on-point. 

The size of the construction project is the primary concern for the estimators. They have to oversee each component, the manpower, and equipment in detail. Missing even a single thing can throw off the entire planning. You can relate to this by thinking about starting a new residential project. Now, you have to ensure that the allocated budget will complete the whole project. So, you can not rely on your instincts! Your project needs concrete figures. You have to make sure every step is implemented with accuracy. That is why it is important to hire Top residential construction takeoff services to secure your budget.

How to Prepare Construction Estimate?

Study Bid Documents

When you are going to prepare a construction estimate for a bid. You must know that the project’s drawings, sketches, and documents are your outline. What does this mean? This means you must study the bid documents without leaving any information behind. It has all the information you need to generate accurate construction estimates. If you lack in this observation. Then, you can make a big dent in the project’s budget! Especially look out for MEP systems requirements. So, take the time out and review the bid documents thoroughly! The more observant you are, the smoother the project will execute.

Build a Cost Resource List

Now it is time to create a detailed library of resources! These are the base of the construction estimate. That makes sure the project will be finished within budget. You can start doing this by compiling a list of resources along with their unit costs. You can also make a comparison list of different suppliers. This detailed list can help you in almost all of your projects. How can you acquire the data? You can extract the data from the cost providers or use historical data. After collecting the data. Make subcategories of labor, materials, and machinery. If there is another category you wish to add. Do it! 


After categorization, now you must quantify all the components. This step is very critical. Perform material takeoff by analyzing project needs deeply. How much concrete does the project require? How much lumber is needed? Even the types and quantity of paints must be checked and listed. If you are building a commercial building. Its requirements will be totally different from the residential project. It will be more complex and you will need to have a 100% understanding of the project demands. That is why companies work with Best Commercial Estimator to handle such difficult tasks. 

Include Indirect Cost

Do not miss to add indirect costs! These are the expenses that are not directly tied to the specific task. But they are still present in the background. Bank charges, insurance fees, the wages of supervisory staff, and project margins. These expenses might come from nowhere during the process. How you should control this issue? You must have a standard list of the most common indirect items. Before completing the cost estimates. Check the list and add up to the sheet. 

Final Construction Estimates

For having accuracy in Construction Estimate. Always choose the wisest method! This is important when you are bidding for any project. The strategic approach ensures to secure your position and get good profits. So, invest time and money in estimating software and tools. It helps to calculate the project price by adding up the direct and indirect costs. Then you can make your analysis on the final construction estimate. 


This step-by-step process guarantees you! You can prepare and deliver accurate construction estimates. Mainly crucial for winning the construction bids. It all boils down to the use of optimal software and strategies! If you are new in this field. Then, in the initial phase, you must invest time in building up your construction activities. With each project you complete. You will feel the exponential payoff of your hard work. Your confidence will be boosted more than before. It takes time to build a strong foundation from the start. But once it is done, you will enjoy working on such projects. If you still have issues you can easily contact SMA Estimating LLC for your needs. They are working with uncountable clients and providing them with spot-on estimates.