How are Digital Business Cards Giving Life To Nature

electronic business card

Are you wondering how Digital Business Cards give life to nature? Well, if you think a little more in this direction, you’ll have your answer. As the business cards up until now have been of many types and kinds.

From paper to plastic there have been many such business cards or visiting cards that in one way or the other have caused damage to the environment and nature. Business cards made of paper are biodegradable, and the ones created with plastic are non-biodegradable.

If we will simply talk about business cards, then;

What is a Business Card?

According to Google, a business card is, “a small card printed with one’s name, professional occupation, company position, business address, and other contact information.”

In simple words, a business card is something that gives your introduction with you not have to be bespoken about it or yourself. A business card is something that defines who you are. And each business card is designed with a similar pattern of name, occupation, position in the company, business address, and contact information.

electronic business card

However, even after having a similar pattern, there are many kinds of business cards. As each one of us has our specifics and likes. A business card has different kinds too. Some like it in paper form, meanwhile some like it in plastic.

In both ways, we are somewhere harming our environment and damaging nature which lets us breathe. By cutting trees we create paper, and those paper further transforms into visiting cards or business cards.

By cutting a tree we have already damaged nature, and then, by tossing someone’s visiting card in the pile of files. Somewhere we had lost a new connection that might be fruitful in the future.

Now on the other hand, if we have a look at plastic business cards. There have always been trends of trying something new to say bye to the old world, in order to create something new. Hoping on that came the era of plastic business cards, which somewhere gave the feeling of nothing but a copy of debit cards.

The most common thing about plastic, which is known by everyone is. Plastic is non-biodegradable. Plastic cannot be decomposed, all we can do with plastic is to melt it. And then that melting plastic becomes the reason for air pollution, leading us to breathe harmful air.

Melt a plastic card, or throw it away after crashing it into million pieces. A plastic card would always be harmful, as it can’t change its basic property.

Now, if we will have a look at digital business cards.

What is Digital Business Cards?

In this age of digitization, accepting a digital business card is the only option that remains in front of us. A digital business card is also denoted as an electronic business card or an e-business card.

A Digital Business Card can neither be ripped apart nor be crushed into pieces. Nor can it be melted that could lead to air pollution or harmful environment. And in this era where people are much interested in meeting others online, having a digital business card would help a lot.

Moreover, in the time of pandemic when we use to have official meetings visually. In those times, introducing yourself to people every two seconds was not an easy thing. To repeat the same thing over and over again. To let people know who you are, it is better to share a digital business card that people can scan at their convenience.

The new era of the digital world now works on sharing information online. Connecting to people socially, or on digital platforms requires a digital presentation. And to replace the old ways of exchanging paper visiting cards, digital business cards have started a new trend when meeting someone online for the first time.

How is Digital Business Cards Helping Nature?

If this is your concern, then you would agree on the same terms that digital business cards have nothing to do with nature. Because if you are not moving forward, you are standing still. And sometimes it is better to stand still rather than move in a direction that could harm the environment.

Digital Business Cards are easy to carry, if you can operate your phone, you can anywhere anytime pass on your business card. Such business cards are cost-efficient too, as you don’t have to reprint or remake your business card every time there are any changes. With digital business cards, just simply edit the new changes and you are good to share them again.

Digital business cards never go to waste. And also, they can be shared contactless. As you have your profile made in the form of a digital business card, you can share it with anyone via social platforms. By this means, your business card will never go in vain and also, it will be a contactless sharing.

By simply not being involved with nature in any kind, a digital business card helps nature to heal itself.

(CONCLUSION:) Helping nature to heal cannot only be done by shifting to the digital world. But with Digital Business Cards we help you build your own identity in the most eco-friendly way.

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