9 Secrets to Keep a House Clean and Beautiful

House Clean

It can come up as a never-ending ongoing tedious war round the clock for the maintenance of a cleaner’s home. This especially holds true when you have children who are running around your home and creating a mess.

You can find out ways in which you can reduce the time as well as financial investment in home cleaning and one of the solutions is using a backpack vacuum.

The following are 9 simple yet innovative home cleaning secrets that will help you a lot to make the cleaning task easy for you:

#1. Use of oven cleaning wipes to speed clean your oven

It well includes a thorough cleansing and de-greasing your entire oven when it comes to your spring cleaning routine. You can use the simple disposable wipes all round for cleaning the stuff that was once a gunky, time-consuming process.

This made clean and effortless vide for many. It is noteworthy that it is harsh over the traditional oven cleaning products with the oil-based formula being an effective commercial option that can well cut through the grease. You can also try on the orange scent.

#2. Fighting off the Tile Grimes

You can be well assured to keep the days behind you if you are still fighting over your nightmares about the last time you have ever scrubbed your bathroom tile grout using an older toothbrush.

It is a good idea to use a hepa backpack vacuum that has a strong suction and washable filters that removes any kind of dirt and grime from the tiles.

You can use a solution of hot water and dish soap, spray this mixture on the tiles and then scrub it with the stiff bristle brush or with a damp microfiber cloth.

#3. Cleaning your Microwave easily

Stop using your hands for cleaning. Do not scrub those deep-stains, splashes, and splotches that are inside your microwave. Simply use a natural vinegar solution for cleaning your microwave thoroughly without investing much of your time.

Add one to two cups of water and one to two tablespoons of vinegar into your microwaveable bowl. To masque off the smell of vinegar add a drop of lemon essential oil to it. Put in the bowl into the microwave and heat it for five minutes.

Allow the steam to penetrate deep within the grease and grime and leave the door shut for an additional minute. You will be astounded to watch the dirt and food slide right off and sign-contentedly.

#4. Investing in HEPA filter vacuum cleaner to remove pet hairs/danders

You are in the middle of the war in fighting off hair and fur of pets that are in your home. HEPA filter vacuum cleaners help in a lot as they are specifically designed to loosen those pet hair and danders from the upholstery and carpet.

HEPA vacuum cleaners are the best choice to remove them. So, you need not fight on any longer with the pet fur and hair.

#5. Using Credit Card to fight off the shower scum

You need to avoid the toxic shower cleaners that whip off the plastic instead if your shower door is usually undergoing cakes on soap scum. To scrape the soap scum off of a glass shower door all you need is to use an older plastic card. All you need to ensure that the card has expired and is no longer of any use for you.

#6. Cleaning those laminated bathroom counters with baking soda 

Baking soda can remove those most stubborn of all stain and it is absolutely non-toxic when everything else falls apart.

All you need is to sprinkle some of the baking soda directly onto the stain and use a wet microfiber cloth to scrub them off.

#7. Use ice to clean your garbage disposal

All you need is to toss some ice cubes into the garbage disposal and let it run through it.

To break off the grease and the food particles the hard ice-cubes will help in a lot. Eliminate the food odors and toss some of the lemon zest in with the ice.

#8. Using Salt and Vinegar for Polish Copper 

Usually for polishing tarnished copper, salt is a natural solution. Use 16 ounces of white vinegar and three tablespoons of salt to form a solution. Spray this onto the copper and allow it to sit for some time then gently wipe it off.

#9. Fizz OFF Toilet Bowl Grime

Use effervescent tablets in between your scrubbing routine and freshen off your toilet bowl. Allow the tablets to soak for at least 20 minutes and brush and flush it off. For this drop 2 tablets onto the bowl.

The above-mentioned tips are very simple for you to follow them round the clock. Use them well for an effective cleaning regime.

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