Are your customers ailing? Help them with Healthcare on demand app

healthcare on demand app

Technology is on-going to refine basically all aspects of our lives – and health technology is no divergent. Someone truly said – to live a happy life, you must have a good health. But nowadays, with the growing working pressure and hectic schedule, people don’t find enough time to take care of their health. Keeping these things in mind there are different apps launched to take proper health care of common people. These healthcare on demand app provide highly qualified and experienced doctor to treat their customers. Some of the applications are – Doctor on demand, iTriage etc.

Attributes of Healthcare on demand app

Easy login

Users can simply do login in the application. They just have to enter their mobile number, e-mail address, or any other account of social media. Users don’t have to face complications while registering.

Instant Notifications

Instant notifications are sent to both doctor and the patient after the service is confirmed. The customers are in benefit with uninterrupted communication service by Google firebase API.

Multiple options for payment

Number of options are available to pay after the service availe. Customer can pay by cash, wallet or with credit. Wallets are very easy to recharge with credit cards.

Referral codes

If a user of this app refers the same app to someone, and he/she use the app, then the user who referred the app automatically gets referral code by which he/she can get a good discount on the payable amount.

Quick service-

One can avail the service of healthcare on demand app quickly as these applications provide the doctors who are nearby the customer.

Regular Notifications

Notifications related to any update in the application is provided to the users on regular basis. Tips related to health are also provided to their users.

Highly Eligible doctors

Highly qualified doctors are provided to their users.

Feedback option

This application provides feedback option to their users where the users can write their opinions about the services they availed by on demand heath care app. Users write their feedback based on their past experiences. Getting feedbacks from the customers helps the company to improve their quality of work.

History of Doctor’s treatment

Customers can access doctor’s treatment history which help them to decide whether they should go with the doctor’s treatment or not. If customer feels to go with some other doctor then they can go with the next doctor and so on.

Brand new applications for getting a doctor at our doorstep are continuously being released which have totally changed the concept of clinics and hospitals. Doctors attached with these modern applications are earning a good amount of money.

Investment plans?

If you have got investment plans in your mind related to on demand health care app then you should try to go with GoMED app clone which have almost all the necessary features which can boom your business in a short period of time. If you want to go with some other app, then you should keep in mind that it should be credible and trustable in the industry.

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