Health Benefits of Bananas

health benefits of bananas

I think in this world, everybody eats a banana, but they don’t know about the benefits of it. I can assure you that if you know the benefit, you will not see the banana the same way now you see it. Banana has many health benefits, and its test is also good.

You can also make different types of dessert with that. Do you know Americans eat more bananas than meat and fish? Because it’s easy to grab and comfortable to eat with many health benefits. Another thing is that it is the most popular food around the world. Now I will discuss the top 5 health benefits of bananas.


Nowadays, people say a banana a day keeps the doctor away! I hope it describes the health benefits of banana. Many people also say banana has more nutrients and vitamins than apples!

Now I am giving you the proves, Banana has five times the iron and vitamin A, Double carbohydrates, and three times phosphorus than apples. It also contains vitamins C, vitamins, and minerals, which is good for gut health.

It maintains a good blood glucose level due to its sugar. The amazing fact is a diabetes patient can eat the banana. So what do you think? Isn’t it a great superfood?

Bananas are one of the best fruits which contain Vitamin C and B6:

If a person is looking for vitamin B6, he can easily get it from a banana. A medium-sized banana can provide you daily vitamin B6. Do you know the health benefits of vitamin B6? Let’s find out. It can produce your red blood cells; it also suitable for removing the unwanted chemical from the liver and kidney; it can turn the metabolized carbohydrates into energy. Another fantastic fact is that banana is ideal for pregnant women. It provides a good amount of nutrients to the development of the baby.

I know it’s odd, but a small size banana can provide you daily vitamin C as your body needs. Why you need vitamin c? It will give you good Iron, it wi8ll also protect your body from tissue damage, boost your brain by serotonin, good for reducing stress and mental pain.

Energy Booster

We need a fair amount of energy to complete our daily tasks. How about a banana that can solve this problem? A recent study shows us banana is one of the most energy booster fruits! So why don’t you give a try?

Do you know two bananas can boost your energy level for two hours’ workout? Isn’t it amazing? Sometimes we feel dizzy, at this moment, it is good to try a banana instead of a cup of coffee. Remember, caffeine is not a natural energy booster, but banana is all about natural things.

Potassium in bananas is good for your heart health and blood pressure

Banana contains the right amount of potassium, which increases blood circulation and provides oxygen to the brain. It also helps to maintain a fair heartbeat, lower blood pressure, and maintain the right amount of water in the body.

Do you know potassium-rich food can reduce the risk of stroke? A medium-sized banana can provide 350mg of potassium, which can meet your daily potassium needs!

Hangover Remedy

Banana is an excellent source for a hangover remedy! You can ask how? Its vitamins help the body to recover from the hangover. Just put a banana into a frozen fruit blender, then mix some honey with some yogurt. It will test good and rescue you from the hangover.

I hope now you know that bananas have numerous health benefits. Among the other fruits, you can find it easily in the market and easy to eat with different types of recipes. So eat a banana every day to live a healthy life.

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