Know More About HDB Fire Rated Doors & Digital Lock Promotion In Singapore


When it comes to security, Singapore is one of the most well-protected cities in the world. There are many high-tech choices for users when it comes to upgrading their home security-digital locks! This article will cover what an HDB fire-rated door is, how it can protect your home from fires, and more.

What Exactly Is an HDB Door?

The HDB fire-rated door Singapore comes with an integrated lock system. It is the safest and most secure option when it comes to doors for your home.  The HDB fire-rated doors are commonly used by Singaporeans, and they were introduced to the Singapore market in the year 1974. This has made it one of the most widely used fire rated doors in Singapore. The Fire Rated Door (also known as the “Fire Door”) is a door that has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its ability to protect people from fire. This door meets the highest fire-resistant standards, Class A1. The Fire Door is designed with heavy-duty steel, high insulation and a high degree of protection against heat and flame. HDB doors are made from sheet steel and security grade triple locking bolts. They are fire rated and highly resistant to smoke, heat and flame. The HDB door is a popular choice for HDB flats as it provides better protection than the standard wooden door.

How to Install an HDB Fire Rated Door

The HDB fire rated door Singapore is a fire-resistant, solid timber door that is covered by insurance and offered as an option to residents. The installation of this door is easily done and can be completed in about an hour.  Ensuring the safety of the building occupants is our priority, but that also includes keeping their living environment safe. The easiest way to do that is by installing an HDB Fire Rated Door. The door has a certain fire resistance rating and can withstand up to 100 minutes of fire fighting activities without compromising structural integrity.  The HDB door is a fire-rated door, and the installation process is different than an ordinary door. A fire rated door is designed with a fire-resistance rating that protects the building from fire. It makes sure that it will not collapse or buckle during a fire and can withstand heat, smoke, water and other elements. This type of door is mandatory in all HDB flats to prevent unwanted fires from spreading from one flat to another.

The Advantages and Applications of HDB Fire Rated Door

HDB doors are found to be life-saving and fire-proof. HDB doors can withstand extreme heat, sojourn the force of a powerful explosion and provide over 1 hour of protection to your family during a fire. The reason these doors are used for HDB housing is that they provide the highest level of safety and security and help prevent fires from spreading. HDB fire rated doors Singapore provide a safety cover to the home and property that may cover a single door, or a whole front or back of a property. HDB doors are fire-rated doors that are made to protect people from the high heat of fires. These doors have various benefits, which include less structural damage, less water damage, and reduced time for evacuation. HDB doors come in different sizes that can be purchased for any type of house, building material, orientation, country or locality.

How Do Digital Locks Help To Safeguard HDB Doors?

Fire-rated doors are certified to withstand fires for up to three hours. Digital locks are keyless and can be locked or unlocked with a handheld device. When you lock your door, the data is sent to your smartphone. HDB door locks are also known as digital door locks. The good thing about this is that it provides better security, convenience and savings in the long run. What makes digital door locks better than other types of door locks? 

1) They are more affordable-because they do not use any mechanic parts to make them work 

2) They are easier to maintain-because there are no moving parts which require regular servicing

3) They are easy to install-if you have a handyman or contractor who can help with this, or 

4) If you already have an electrical box, you don’t need an electrician.

What Do You Know About Digital Lock Promotion In Singapore?

Singaporeans can now enjoy a free digital lock Singapore promotion from HDB. The offer comes with a one-year warranty and only applies to new doors purchased from an HDB developer.  When buying a new HDB fire rated door, you will need to choose between three types of locks: magnetic keypad locks, key card locks, and electronic locks. These are the only digital locks that are currently compliant with the requirements for HDB doors. In order to prevent fire outbreaks from spreading, the Singapore authorities have been promoting digital locking systems for HDB doors. The promotion gives a 40% discount on digital locking systems from 28 January to 31 March. The digital lock Singapore promotion is an initiative by HDB to help enhance the security of tenants. It is to increase awareness of the fact that digital locks are still safe even when installed on fire-rated doors or wooden doors. This promotion will help to educate, improve security and raise awareness among the public.

Types of Digital Locks

There are different types of digital locks, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. It is important to choose the type that best suits your needs. For example, if you want a lock that can be easily accessed with your smartphone app, look for one with Bluetooth capabilities.  The types of digital locks that can be found in HDB flats include: the digital keypad, the fingerprint scanner, and the RFID card. These systems are all compatible with one another. There are two types of Digital Locks that were released in 2008. The first is the Safelock, which is a small digital lock that can be fixed on a latch or handle. It has a contactless keypad with a backlight and is easy to use. In contrast, the second type is the Intellisafe Digital Lock, which includes an infrared beam to detect weight and motion in specific areas of openings, thus making burglary difficult.

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