Top Hair Vendors For Natural Sew-In Bob

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Charm people with the sew-in bob hairstyle

Are you looking for a hairstyle that will match all your vibes, be it rock, adorable or elegant?

Well! Bob hairstyle is absolutely your cup of tea!

To install a sew-in bob hair extension, your natural hair is braided into cornrows, and then a weft of hair extensions is sewn with braids.

Do you want to know where to get the best natural weave bob hairstyle?

Many reputable hair vendors focus on giving good quality hair extensions.

Know the top hair vendors if you want to spice up your look with a natural sew-in bob!

  1. India International Hair(IHI)
  2. UNice
  3. Sunber Hair
  4. Nadula Hair
  5. Chennai Hair Factory
  7. Jaipur Hair
  8. Adorable Hair Suppliers

1. India International Hair (IHI)

Slay your look with a finest sew-in bob hairstyle

One of the best hair vendors is India Hair International (IHI) because they have been in the hair business for a long period of time and know what kind of sew-in bob hair extensions customers are drawn towards.

Sew-in bob hair extensions are popular because they give your natural hair a break from heat damage, and you can enjoy a new hairstyle, without any worry.

IHI not only lives up to its reputation but also exceeds our expectations by bringing various top-quality sew-in bob hair extensions in the market.

The sew-in bob hair extensions from IHI are affordable and durable as well.

IHI provides 100% virgin Indian human hair and offers a wide selection of 28 custom colors to its clients.

IHI’s primary source in the best quality human hair from temples in India

2. Unice

Sew-in bob with bangs is the best combination

Are you looking for the best weave for a sew-in bob? Checkout UNice because they are dedicated to providing the highest quality human hair extension to their clients. 

They give full attention to detail and quality to ensure that the products are always exceptional.

UNice specializes in the highest quality human hair for sew-in weave available in all of the most popular designs.

They sell high-quality sew-in bob hair extensions that are all 100% human hair. These hair extensions are shedding-free and tangle-free.

Sew-in extensions from UNice can be colored and styled according to your choice because they are made from human hair.

Get a sew-in bob from UNice and achieve a glamorous look that lasts for days.

3. Sunber Hair

Get a fantastic wavy sew-in bob hair extension from Sunber Hair

Sunber Hair is one of the top vendors because they provide exceptional quality human hair weaves, including sew-in bob hair extensions.  

They provide excellent quality sew-in bob hair extensions that won’t damage your natural hair. 

Instead of cutting or coloring your hair to get an exquisite bob hairstyle, you can simply choose your favorite hair type and hues from a wide range of hair extensions from Sunber Hair. 

Sunber Hair offers online customer care 24×7. In addition to providing high-quality products, they focus on delighting their clients.

They give a 30 days guarantee and let their clients inspect the product after receiving it.

Clients can ask for an exchange within 30 days if the size, style, or hair extension color does not match the order.

4. Nadula Hair

Checkout Nadula Hair for flawless sew-in bob hairstyles

Nadula Hair is a global human hair brand and has branches in over 50 countries globally.

They show a strong commitment to being a beauty ambassador by bringing natural, durable, and luxurious hair extensions to women worldwide.

All the hair products from Nadula Hair are 100% Remy human hair. 

They provide top-quality human hair products and services to distributors, vendors, salons, and online store owners worldwide. 

Sew-in bob hair from Nadula Hair is fantastic and has very minimal shedding.

You can get a fuller look with sew-in bob hair extensions.

5. Chennai Hair Factory

Enjoy a versatile sew-in bob hair extension from Chennai Hair Factory

Hair has always been our strong and weak point because great hair increases our self-esteem and bad hair lowers it.

Having perfect hair is only a dream for most of us. However, the Chennai Hair Factory is making our dream come true.

Ever since Chennai Hair Factory was established in 2009, they have made their brand known to the world by providing hair extensions with diverse textures, natural appearances, and brilliant hues.

Chennai Hair Factory is a renowned manufacturer of human hair extensions in Asia, and they have around 20,000 plus customers worldwide, with most of them being loyal customers.

They are one of the hair vendors that are more customer-focused and believe in providing the best hair extensions that are natural and durable.

You will enjoy flaunting sew-in bob hairstyles from Chennai Hair Factory.


Enhance your looks with a voluminous kinky sew-in bob hairstyle

SGI Hair is a well-known Indian hair manufacturer, and they have a good reputation in the hair industry. 

Their main objective is to sell superior wigs, hair extensions, and hair care items under their brand name to clients.

For almost a decade, they have been a reliable supplier of high-quality hair, putting it among the top brands in the world. 

If you want to buy a sew-in bob, SGI Hair is highly recommended because they sell high-quality products at a low price.

SGI is a proud hair vendor because the top celebrities also use their Raw Indian hair.

The sew-in bob hair extensions from SGI Hair are easy to color, and you can also customize hair with the help of a professional stylist.

7. Jaipur Hair

Alleviate your look by wearing sew-in bob hairstyles 

Jaipur Hair is an India-based company, is a leading hair vendor focused on manufacturing and distributing premium virgin Indian human hair extensions. 

They have been in business for more than two decades and have gained a lot of experience, and provide the highest quality raw/virgin sew-in bob human hair. 

They believe in providing the best client services rather than just lip services.

They are the popular virgin human hair extensions manufacturers in India who wholesale a full range of virgin hair extensions.

They sell hair extensions to 117+ (Excluding Individuals) world-leading brands, Hollywood celebrities’ brands, Leading Salons Chains, and many other places. 

Jaipur Hair is licensed & has direct access to temple auctions. They have a 3-tier quality inspection process, ensuring their clients receive a premium product.

8. Adorable Hair Suppliers

The best way to slay your looks is by getting the best sew-in bob hair extensions.

Adorable Hair Supplier ensures their clients receive high-quality sew-in bob hair extensions by making hair extensions manually.

They are one of the few high-end wholesalers of virgin Indian hair.

They are specialized in high-quality hair extensions and collaborate with the best raw human hair suppliers. 

After years of experience, they have remarkably achieved a level of perfection and loyal clients.

The Adorable Hair Supplier carefully monitors the process to bring the best sew-in bob hair extensions. 

They forbid selling the hair extensions if the quality is not up to the mark.


If you are a fan of sew-in bob hair extensions, you can get standard hair extensions from the vendors mentioned above.

These hair vendors are focused on providing the best quality sew-in bob hair extension instead of profit.The list is vast but we strongly recommend India Hair International  as the brand which will cater to all your hair needs!