How to Hire Vue.js Developers: A Complete Guide

Hire Vue.js Developers

Did you know which programming language is most popular among developers? Well, according to a survey, the most popular one is JavaScript. Approximately 63% of software developers worldwide are currently working on this client-side, browser-friendly language.

Not to mention, it is a clear winner in terms of the demand and popularity. Besides, there are also different frameworks and libraries that are built on JavaScript and are widely used in the software development industry.

One of such is Vue.js. Vue.js is being used by over 1.5 million active websites. Besides, there are also 2,310,828 extra websites that have incorporated Vue.js somewhere.

Quite a popular framework, isn’t it?

If you plan to use this framework for your project, then your next step should be hiring a reliable Vue.js developer.

How would you do that? Is that your concern?

Don’t take that much load. We have compiled a list of things that are important when you are in the process of having a Vue.js developer on your team.

Let’s have an overview of those points.

 First of all, let’s see what this framework is.

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is a progressive, open-source, and model-view framework that helps developers build UI and single-page web applications. With this, developers can extend HTML with HTML attributes called directives. It is said to be one of the most lightweight frameworks. It requires only a minimal amount of resources to operate.

Furthermore, using MVVM as its basic design philosophy, Vue.js allows developers to separate the UI from the business logic, making it easy to work on both.

Vue.js also offers fun features like data binding, event handling, built-in directives, and routing to make web development a breeze.

Identifying Different Roles of Vue.js Developers

Different programmers have different roles to play in a project. Think of Vue.js developers as the architects and builders of your digital project.

Utilizing the Vue.js framework, they craft and implement interactive user interface components that elevate the user experience. Often, their work doesn’t stop there.-

  • They may be involved in the complete development lifecycle – designing, building, releasing, and maintaining software applications and interfaces.
  • They may be responsible for developing server-side logic and database operations to enable your website’s functionalities.
  • The coding expertise of these professionals isn’t limited to just websites; they are often skilled in coding for mobile platforms, too.

Therefore, take your time and find out for which role you will hire Vue.js developers from the above-listed points.

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on what a Vue.js developer brings to the table let’s figure out what skill sets they should have.

Essential Skills Required for Vue.js Developers

Vue.js developers are skilled artisans of the digital realm.

Technically, they need an intimate understanding of Vue.js, including its core tenets and the ecosystem surrounding it. Plus, they should know-

  • Modern JavaScript and basic JavaScript:
  • Must know all about CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
  • GitHub: understanding is a must
  • Knowledge of Vue CLI
  • Familiarity with Vuex and Vue router
  • Understanding of NPM
  • Can use tools like Webpack and Babel
  • Understanding of JavaScript ES6+ syntax and concepts
  • Good in using single-file components
  • Experience with RESTful API integration
  • Good understanding of asynchronous request handling

But finished yet. Soft skills are equally important in today’s fast-paced, collaborative work environment. So, find out a candidate who possesses both the technical expertise and the soft skills.

Where to Find Qualified Vue.js Developers?

There are numerous options you have from where you can hire Vue.js developers. Some of them are-

1. Networking within your professional circles:

You can ask for a recommendation of an ideal candidate from your network. It is proven that networking is an effective method for recruiting quality developers as it is done with the most trustworthy person you know.

2. Job Portals and Professional Platforms:

You can find potential Vue developers at some of the well-known platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.

3. Tech communities:

Participating in technology-specific forums, blogs, and communities, such as GitHub, Stack Overflow, or the Vue.js official forum can help you get in touch with the right partner.

4. Freelance portals:

Freelance websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr have plenty of Vue.js developers that offer their services. You can consider them as it allow you to see the developers’ ratings, reviews, and past work.

5. Outsourcing companies:

Another efficient way to find Vue.js developers is through established staffing agencies. Reputable agencies offer access to a pool of pre-vetted Vue developers with varied skill levels and experiences. They can expedite your search by matching you with candidates that fit your specific project requirements.

Structuring the Interview Process

Performing a carefully planned interview process is your passport to hiring the perfect Vue.js professional for your project. So, kick off with a screening call. It will give you an initial feel for their communication abilities.

Once you’re past the initial call, it’s time to dive deep into the technical arena. Organize a technical interview to evaluate their grasp of Vue.js, and their coding expertise.

A tip here – real-time coding sessions or pair programming exercises can be a golden opportunity to see their practical skills in action. Besides, some of the basic questions that you can during the interview are-

  • What are components in Vue?
  • What are directives in Vue?
  • What are mixins?
  • Does Vue support TypeScript?
  • What is Vue instance?
  • Are Filters reusable in Vue?
  • Vue has which lifecycles and hooks?

Pay Attention To The Cost Of Hiring Vue.js Developers

The cost of hiring a Vue.js developer is significantly influenced by several factors, one of which is the level of developer expertise.

Besides, where they’re located, the type of project they will handle, and the version of Vue they will use for the project will count in the overall cost.

A Vue.js developer is an investment, and like any investment, it’s not just about the initial outlay but the potential returns it can bring.

However, the usual pay for Vue.js Developers is about $25 per hour. On Upwork, they generally earn anywhere from $19 to $35 per hour.

Closing Words!

Whether you hire remote developers or dedicated in-house Vue.js developers, keep all the points in consideration that we have talked about in this blog. These are all essential. An important one is to ask questions about their past work experiences, conflict resolutions, teamwork, etc.

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