What can you do with a graduation certificate in Interior designing?

interior designing

How do you define interior designing?

Interior design is a professional discipline that amalgamates art, furniture, lighting, and functionality to plan, create and transform spaces into unique and visually appealing experiences in alignment with client’s needs and preferences. 

Interior design requires competencies in multiple fields, including construction, architecture, building regulations, graphic design, and of course safety concerns. It is not limited to designing interior spaces for residential houses, but it also encapsulates commercial spaces as well including Aircraft, factories, offices, Luxury boats (yachts), retail, hospitality sector, public and historical buildings, etc., besides offering services in fields like lighting design, furniture as well as furnishing design, etc.    

Career options on completion of Interior Design course in Jaipur: 

Opportunities at both national as well as international levels exist for students completing their certification in Interior Designing course. We are listing out a few of the varied job profiles as under: 

  • Interior Designer: As per client’s requirement, you need to conceptualize, ideate & design the available spaces to enhance their look as well as their utility.
  • Researcher: He needs to research & analyze new trends, designs, techniques & new materials that are sustainable, effective, and economical.  
  • Lighting Designer: He studies the impact of diverse light fixtures on the adjoining environment and accordingly designs the lighting for both residential as well as commercial spaces 
  • Product Designer: Product designers design products that not only offer an outstanding user experience but are viable in terms of marketability as well as profitability. 
  • Teacher: He is responsible for giving direction to the young talent, thereby getting them ready for the future. 
  • Design Journalist: Writing skills will assist in coming up with blogs, articles in interior design magazines and websites. He can review products, new design trends, techniques & materials and can be an influencer or offer hacks as well as solutions to varied problems.
  •  Furniture Designer: Basis the functionality as well as ensuing trends, he can design & conceptualize furniture/furnishings- couch, chairs, tapestry, tables, etc. for both interiors as well as exteriors. 
  • Exhibition Designer: Basis the organizational ethos, messaging, brands, and products on display, an exhibition designer will design exhibition stalls and work on varied projects. 
  • Set designer/Art Director/Production Designer: He is responsible to bring alive the script and in fact each scene for he understands the vision of the film/TV writer and director. 
  • Consultant: As a consultant, he will assist in enhancing business, strategy, creativity, and profitability.
  • Kitchen & bath designer: He is involved with designing kitchens and bathrooms as per the requisite functionality for both commercial as well as residential purposes. He should have knowledge about building codes, plumbing, budgeting, etc.    

Interior Design course in Jaipur:

The students must select a college that offers:

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  1. Interior Designing course at undergraduate, master’s, and even at the Ph.D. level.
  2. Curriculum to equip students with holistic perspective-Fundamentals, Human Comfort & experience, Ergonomics, Space planning, Design Principles, Materials, and their Application and Colour Theory, etc. 
  3. Specializations like Parametric Design, Adaptive Reuse, and Furniture Design.
  4. Motivations to students to research for sustainable green solutions, which can lead to larger social impact 
  5. Exposure through internships, mentoring by industry stalwarts, participation in competitions, and live projects besides international exchange programs.
  6. Understanding of architecture and interior design of old as well as modern Jaipur. 

So accelerate to a dream career with a four-year certification in Interior Design & Technology.