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The Gojek Clone concept has picked up a lot of popularity in the recent times. With more and more people trying to enter the service sector with an app based business, it has become very convenient to simply buy a Gojek Clone Script and kick start your money making.

Before we understand more on the Gojek clone script, let us try and figure out what it really encompasses and how it can help your business. So, basically, the Gojek clone app is fashioned after the main Gojek app.

The Gojek app was originally started as a bike taxi booking mobile software but has today expanded into a multi service providing entity. The Gojek clone, likewise, is a wonderful option that helps people hire any kind of service provider right from the app.

This mammoth of an application includes the following

  • Taxi Service: Car and bike
  • Delivery Service: Single Delivery and multiple deliveries
  • Store based delivery: ex. Food delivery, grocery delivery etc.
  • Service Provider: hire Plumber, Electrician, maids, beauticians and more.
gojek clone script

So, basically your users just download one app and you get access to all these services and their service providers. You, on the other hand, keep making a commission each time the app is used to make a booking of any kind.

Taking your business step by step

So, while the app itself exposes you to so many possibilities and opportunities, you might not be ready for it all. It is entirely possible that you want to take everything slowly and start off with just a few services rather than the whole gamut of services presented.

Now, for this to happen, you can take a stock of which are the most popular businesses amongst the ones that you are offering and begin with just those. In order to understand this, you will have to dig a little about the local demands.

What’s popular and what’s not?

Understand the local scenario first. Every region has a few telltale tendencies which can point you to the most profitable and effective business ides for that place. But apart from that, there are a few businesses that are always in demand. They include:

  • Food Delivery
  • On Demand Beautician
  • Taxi Service
  • Delivery/ Courier service
  • On Demand Massage therapist
  • Dog Walker On Demand
  • On Demand Doctor
  • Grocery Delivery service, and much more.

Choose carefully and start off!

If you have been planning to get your hands into this business, it is understandable that you will have doubts and confusions. However, if you start off with one thing at a time, it should all be a smooth sailing.

Build gojek clone script

Look for a company that builds the Gojek Clone script in a way that gives you the independence to switch the services that you want on and off whenever you would like to. So, this will help you in keeping only those that you are comfortable with on initially and then move on to the next.  

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