What Makes Gojek Clone Script an all in one service Platform?

gojek clone script

Have you ever wondered what it is like to have all the services in One App? Immediately, you will have all those flashing thoughts gushing into your mind.

  • The app will be hanging too much
  • No way, all services can be accommodate into one
  • It will have a costly subscription
  • There will be a catch in the app

If we answer all of these questions a big NO!! We are talking here about the Super Gojek Clone Script. Offering 101+ On-demand Multiservices in a single app that does it all and more. Equipped with all the advanced-tech features and functionalities that it requires to establish your business quickly and efficiently.

What Makes Gojek Clone A Super App?

With 101+ on-demand multi-services, including Uber-like taxi booking services, on-demand medical services, parcel delivery, food delivery, grocery delivery, handyman services, salon services, tow trucking, and more all under one roof, Gojek Clone is a market-ready SuperApp Solution. 

Enhanced with new elements like Service Bid and Online Video Consultation A white-labeled script solution called Gojek Clone can be alter to include new features and services in response to user requests.

Gojek Clone – An Extensive All-Inclusive On-demand Service Platform

Medical Services 

This is a recently add service element that will take center stage in the Gojek Clone KingX App. Users looking for any kind of medical assistance, including scheduling doctor appointments, receiving online video consultations, ordering prescription drugs on-demand, connecting to neighboring blood banks, and more. assisting your consumers in receiving the medical care they desire while remaining comfortable in their own homes.

On-Demand Ride-hailing App 

Similar to Uber, it serves as an on-the-go taxi booking app. This service category is the most sought-after because individuals in a pandemic are unwilling to face the risk associated with using public transportation.

This Uber-like cab reservation service will assist you in building up a significant user base from the moment your Gojek clone app starts. You can use services like motorbike rides, motorcycle rentals, and taxi services similar to Uber under this category.

In terms of generating income, you will be paid a commission for each confirmed ride booked via this app. In addition, you might get paid a commission from the drivers as well as from wait-time charges and canceled rides.

On-Demand Parcel Delivery

Your users can send packages within the city between two locations by utilizing this service feature. One or more orders can be requested by the user for one or more places, either individually or collectively.

You will be paid for each order for confirmed package delivery. Charges for canceled orders are an additional option. A low-cost subscription option might also lead to an increase in customer orders.

On-Demand Store-based Delivery 

Delivery to stores is a feature of this service. Groceries, alcohol/wine, medical marijuana , flowers, food, water bottles, and office supplies can all be ordered on-demand and delivered right to the customer’s Doorstep. 

On-Demand Services

Tutors, electricians, doctors, attorneys, plumbers, pet sitters, babysitters, beauticians, gym/trainers, and other on-demand services are available for users to hire.

Each service generates a commission for you. Additionally, you can employ ad banners from outside sources. You might also charge the service providers a small registration fee to use your app.

In Conclusion 

Choose a trustworthy Gojek Clone App Development company that offers a white-label solution with licensed source code. Study the reputation of the business by reading reviews and client recommendations. Engage the team in conversation to find out more about their level of competence with your Gojek-like concept as well as their level of professional experience.

You will be able to tell which technology partner you are choosing for your Gojek clone app by doing this. You can start utilizing the service right away after Gojek Clone Installation is finished because it is easy to do and doesn’t take more than a week.