Gojek Clone: Build A Feature Loaded Profit-Making App Of The Century

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Are you an Entrepreneur who is looking for a similar Opportunity? Well, here is the good news! There are Gojek Clone Apps that are bringing the dream of offering every possible service under one roof come true. This App can offer several heterogeneous On-Demand, day-to-day essential Services including Taxi Ride Service, Moto Ride Service, Grocery Delivery, Beautician Services, etc. 

Many Smart Users like to have one single App solution despite having different applications for all of such Services. So, budding Entrepreneurs can Launch Custom Gojek App that is groundbreaking and spectacular. 

Building your own On-Demand App that is 100% Customizable means you can embellish it with some fresh, pioneering, and futuristic features like Social Media Login, Automatic Bill Estimation, Multiple Payment Gateways, In-App Wallet functions, Live Chat Support, and more. 

Make Your Gojek Clone Prominent with these Latest Features 

You can be confident about the success of your new App when: 

  • It has a fabulous design
  • It has all kinds of Tech-Advanced Features that Users want
  • The App offers high, On-Demand Services in a gist of time
  • The App is User-friendly and Mature
  • It is simple to use
  • Gives a personalized touch and engages well with the User 

Things that Make Gojek Clone a Star

Latest Covid-19 Specific Features for this App that can help your On Demand Business spike Sales and Order.

Restricted Number of Riders in the Taxi 

The Gojek Clone App Owner has set a limit upon the number of passengers who can Ride in one Taxi. Before the Rider requests a Taxi Ride, their App notifies them about the allowed number of Passengers. This feature helps the Riders to know how many Passengers can take the Ride as per the Covid-19 Safety Rules. 

Face Mask Verification of Gojek Clone Taxi Drivers 

Under this Covid-19 Safety Feature, before a Taxi Trip starts, the Taxi Drivers are asked to upload their picture with a Face Mask on as proof on the App. Once the App Admin approves or verifies the Taxi Driver is adhering to the bylaw, only then the Rider can start the Trip.

Ride Cancellation if the Rider/Taxi Driver disregards the Guidelines 

The App allows the Rider and the Taxi Driver to immediately cancel the Ride in case of Safety Guidelines violation. Since both parties are equally responsible to follow the Covid-19 Safety Measures, the Taxi Driver can cancel the Trip if the Rider is not wearing a Face Mask. Similarly, the Riders can also cancel the Ride request if they find that the Taxi Driver isn’t following the Covid-19 Safety Protocols like wearing a Face Mask, hand gloves or if the Taxi doesn’t look sanitized or hygienic. 

This specific advanced feature ensures that proper Safety Measures are maintained at all costs during the Taxi Ride. 

Restaurants/Cafes can upload pictures of their hygienic and Clean Facilities 

Users still don’t trust the hygiene routines of Restaurants and Cafes because of the ongoing Pandemic and that this virus is an airborne illness. And they fear that they might contract it either from the Delivery Driver who might be a potential carrier of this virus or from that Food Package itself. Therefore, this App feature allows such places to upload pictures of their Kitchen, Workstation, Dining Area, Cold Storage, and Staff wearing Covid-19 Shield kits. Along with this, the Restaurant or Food place Owners can upload pictures of regular body temperature check-up routines of the Staff as well as the In-House Food Delivery Drivers. This has worked wonders in winning back the trust of the Customers who want to now order Food Online. 

Instructions for Store/Food/Parcel Delivery Drivers via Voice Notes 

One of the Benefits of Gojek Clone App usage is that you can take advantage of the features like recording and uploading Voice Notes for  Store/Food/Parcel Delivery Drivers. For example, if you have asked a Store Delivery Driver to buy and deliver some Fresh Lilies from Fremont Flowers & Gifts in Alder Ave to your grandmother’s apartment on Decoto Road, you can leave a Voice Instruction about how many flowers to add to the bouquet, where to drop them off, where to park at her apartment, etc. 

This Safety feature has turned out to be vital when it comes to making contactless deliveries. 


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