Gojek Clone: #1 Multi Service Winner App for Entrepreneurs

Gojek Clone App

New businesses have turned into the most happening solution in the ongoing business sector. As an ever increasing number of individuals are experiencing their pioneering dreams, today it is turning out to be evident that individuals are worn out on essentially being utilized by a company or organization and wish to extend their own wings and give trip to their fantasies. The Gojek Clone application has turned into an incredibly enormous facilitator of this perspective. With the assistance of the Gojek Clone application, today, individuals can quickly possess their business without really doing anything by any means!


The Gojek Clone application is a multi service marketplace in the digital forum that empowers clients to employ expert service providers of over70 different service types. The Gojek Clone application doesn’t need for the application proprietor to really partake and begin offering said services, all things being equal, it depends on organizations and contacts laid out with individual autonomous expert service providers, who truth be told, pay a very little expense for having the option to use your advanced digital platform for offering their services.

This expense is deducted as a commission that the application proprietor sets. This commission is deducted from the expense that the expert service provider charges the client. This application is a one stop answer for every one of the necessities that a client might have.

Since the plan of action is essentially commission based, the application permits the application proprietor to set how much commission the person wishes to procure from each service. The app owner can likewise set an alternate level of commission for various services.

Thus, fundamentally, the application has services that are expanded in 6 essential classifications, with better sub classifications inside. Allow us to see a graph that frames these classifications and afterward get down to grasping the commission situation.


  • Bike Taxi
  • Vehicle Taxi


  • Single Delivery (Delivery to single area)
  • Various Delivery (Delivery to different areas)
  • Delivery Runner {to perform chores}


  • Food Delivery from Restaurants
  • On Demand Grocery Delivery from Grocery Stores
  • Medicine Delivery from PhOn Demand Bottled Water Delivery
  • On Demand Alcohol Delivery
  • Flower Delivery
  • On Demand Medicinal Marijuana Delivery
  • Bakery Goods Delivery
  • On Demand Home Cooked Meals
  • Also, considerably more


  • On Demand Doctor
  • Electrician On Demand
  • On Demand Plumber
  • Beautician On Demand
  • On Demand Snow Removal Expert
  • Roadside Assistance On Demand
  • On Demand Dog Walker
  • Baby Sitter On Demand
  • On Demand Window Washer
  • House Keeping On Demand
  • On Demand Maids
  • Also, substantially more


The users can now consult with experts directly via chats, calls or video conferencing using this feature.


Using this feature, the service providers can bid for jobs posted by the users. The users can then hire the service provider who has quoted the least amount of price for the said service.

Presently, the sum procured by a cabbie per ride won’t be equivalent to the sum acquired by a dog walker on one work. Along these lines, how much commission procured by the application proprietor from them both ought to likewise be unique.

This is the very thing that the Gojek Clone application enables the application proprietor to do. On the admin panel, the application proprietor can essentially set and alter the level of commission that the individual in question is making from every one of the various services inside their application.


The best thing about the app world is that the moment something shows signs of popularity, a multitude of options present themselves. This, however, can be just as much of a bane as it is a boon. With so many options available in the market with respect to the Gojek clone app, there is bound to be confusion amongst the entrepreneurs regarding which app is most suited to their requirements.

Ideally, we always suggest people to take a test run of the app before actually investing in it. Make sure that you have a word with the development team to understand their ideas and the flow of the app. go through their demo videos and then attempt to take the app for a live run before you put down money in it.

Also, it is best to check out all the complementary services that the app development company offers along with the app. for example it is important to know whether you will be getting white label services with the app, whether or not they have any after sale service policy and so on and so forth.

Lastly, only opt for an app that works on the single download and single log in model. That is the singular most attractive feature of the Gojek clone app. If you don’t get that, chances are, people won’t really be interest in it.


In general, most would agree that the Gojek Clone App is perhaps the best answer for new businesses in this present reality. As an ever increasing number of individuals have come to see the value in the idea of multi services based stages, this is ending up being the perfect opportunity to enter a market of this sort. There are a couple of things that you should zero in on to ensure that your Gojek Clone application based new business is most certainly a triumph as recorded previously.